Yallo: Switzerland’s Prepaid Network

Yallo: Switzerland’s Prepaid Network

Yallo is the only Swiss network which offers prepaid SIM cards. You can get them at the airport, the train station, the city center & at many other places.

How much does Yallo cost?

It costs CHF 20 for a prepaid SIM Card with a credit of CHF 20 inbuilt. If you want to have 4G (which you obviously will want to use), it costs CHF 15 for 1 GB Data. If you are planning to spend a week in Switzerland, I’d recommend to get a Yallo card with data plan called ‘Yallo Surf 2000’ which gives you 2 GB data at CHF 25.


Yallo’s connectivity is really good. It doesn’t matter if you are boating in Rhine Falls or at a cruising altitude of 13,000 ft at Jungfraujoch. Yallo’s 4G network is in range all the time. I periscope’d an entire scene of Jungfraujoch & Mt. Titlis & the experience was amazing.


I used SIM cards of 2 countries, Norway & Switzerland, & I can definintely say that Yallo’s speed was better than that of NetCom (Norwegian cellular network). Browsing speed is blazing & downloading any app is just a matter of few seconds. However, if you need to download a bigger file, try doing it from your hotel’s WiFi.


The biggest benefit of having a prepaid card is that even if you exhaust the data pack within few days, recharge coupons are only few steps away. Almost all shops & supermarkets keep recharge coupons. Also, you can buy only Yallo’s SIM card as they are the only one in the country to offer prepaid services to foreigners.


The SIM card is valid for a month. Data packs’ validity are also one month. Honestly, that’s enough if you are a traveler. But you can extend the validity through official Yallo shops if you plan to stay longer in the country.

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