Wideroe: Norwegian Budget Airline With Vintage Feel

Wideroe: Norwegian Budget Airline With Vintage Feel

Wideroe. It’s difficult to pronounce for others, but not a problem for Norwegians at least. It’s a subsidiary of the famous Scandinavian airline SAS. It flies to 40 destinations across Norway & it generally offers cheaper rates than other airlines.

Check-in & Luggage Allowance

Wideroe is generous in terms of luggage compared to other economy ctararriers. You can take one piece of 23kg luggage, 1 piece of cabin luggage. In addition to that you can take one small baggage (Laptop bag, camera bag, small suitcase). Check-in process is fairly simple. Their app is buggy though, try checking-in through their website.

Staff of Wideroe

You generally don’t spend much time on the aircraft since all their flights fly for short distance. But Wideroe’s staff is good & friendly. They offer free tea, coffee & juice.

Aircraft & Seat Quality

I took a flight from Bergen, Norway to Tromso, Norway. The flight was for 2 hours & the aircraft was really old. It was one of those small aircraft (Check out the featured image). It was a pleasant flight though. Seats are not very comfortable but they aren’t too congested either. The real problem came when there was a nice view outside & I couldn’t capture it because there were way too many scratches on the window. It was a disappointment indeed.

Food & Entertainment

Since Wideroe is a budget airline, food isn’t provided. You have a choice from the given menu but it ain’t for free. Same goes for entertainment. There are some free magazines lying around but most of the content is in Norwegian, so if you don’t understand the language, you will have to be happy by seeing pictures in the magazine. Honestly, you wouldn’t need food because the duration of their flight is small. And you wouldn’t need entertainment either because Norwegian landscape is captivating.

Tip: If you are going to Norway between 20th June to 29th August this year, check out Widerøe’s Explore Norway ticket. For a fixed fee, they let you fly unlimited between all 40 destinations of Norway for 2 consecutive weeks. It’s a brilliant deal. 🙂

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