Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Bridge Between Continents, Iceland

2019 is here!

All that hype and excitement surrounding the new year comes primarily from the idea of turning over a new leaf to bring a change and start out to achieve all your goals and wishes. These could be work goals, personal targets, monetary goals, travel goals, absolutely anything you like and hold importance in your life. In this post, we’re going to talk about our favorite topic, travel.

We’ve got a lot of destinations on our bucket list and we’d love to travel as often as possible. But a lot of us struggle with the execution of making the desired trips happen due to holidays, budgets or lack of planning.

Honestly, it’s all about exploring more instead of traveling to more

Make the most your travels in 2019

Here are some resolutions that we recommend you take into practice to make the most of travel:

Plan that trip that you want to take

Planning plays the biggest role in executing your travel plans because most of us are unable to take impromptu trips all thanks to jobs, responsibilities or the monies.

The best way to deal with this is target a destination that you want to travel to. The destination could be the one from your bucket list or a destination that your friends are raving about (don’t completely rely on the internet for this). Co-ordinate between your office holidays & budget. And the rest of the plan will start falling into place one-by-one. Talk to your family, friends, whoever you’d like to travel with and lock their dates too.

Once you’ve booked your cheap flight tickets, there’s no going back! Also, by booking early, you save a lot of money plus you get to spend on your trip in installments.

There on, keep researching to make the most of your trips.

Budget in advance

Budget travel is possible to any kind of destination. Remember how Parichay traveled to Iceland last year, on a budget? Once you start planning your trip, you get a fair idea about the expenses that you are looking at. You can plan your investments and savings accordingly.

Always add a 20% excess margin to your planned budget for unexpected costs or emergencies and ensure you don’t spend beyond that. If you pay for the various expenses in installments you can easily drift through the expenses without feeling guilty.

Get out of your comfort zone

Traveling is definitely aimed at giving you the much-needed break. But the break in question is from the monotony of work life and the everyday stress. Your holiday is supposed to rejuvenate you mentally and what better way to experience that than to get out of your regular zone and try something new? Try a destination you didn’t think you’d explore or the local food that at the small local stall to surprise your taste buds or simply take up some activity on your trip that challenges you.

Learn something

The beauty of every destination is that it contains something worth learning. It could be an activity, sport, art, cooking, dressing, language or cultural practice. Be curious on your travels because that allows your mind nothing else but to live in that moment that you are experiencing. When you learn something about the destination or people or the cultural, you will come back richer and with the feeling of having achieved something from your little getaway.

It also makes for great travel stories!

Lose your phone & gadgets



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Of course, we all want to capture and share that instead-worthy moment. But the sad truth is we often miss out on the real experience of the holiday while chasing that perfect picture. We’re too busy sharing what we are seeing than experiencing it.

We too are guilty of carrying more gadgets than clothes on our trip and honestly, it’s highly annoying for us and even those traveling along.

We’re consciously hoping to spend more time experiencing what our trip has to offer in person than through the many screens and staged moments.

Get lost

No matter how many guides and blogs you read online or take up reviews and recommendations, your best experiences while traveling will be while following no map at all. Experience something without knowing. Keep walking to explore something new. Try that local food on the street side stall because it entices you and not because it is highly recommended.

That’s going to be your little triumph while traveling!

Get lost, stumble upon real experiences and come back with stories to tell!

Top travel resolutions for 2019 recommended by travel bloggers

To ensure you’re well-armed with the best tricks in the business we asked some of the top travel bloggers from across the world to share their ideas of the best travel resolutions for 2019. These resolutions will help you travel better and in the right way!

Travel light

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Ali Garland from Travel Made Simple

Packing less stuff is always a big goal for me. I love traveling carry-on only because I don’t have to worry about lost luggage or checked bag fees, and I’m not carrying a heavy bag with me. To travel this way, remember that you don’t need nearly as much as you think you do. Pack clothes that coordinate with each other and can be worn in multiple situations. Don’t bring shoes that only go with one outfit. Don’t pack several fancy outfits if you only need one, choose before you leave home. If you’re traveling for longer than a week, pack a week’s worth of clothes and do laundry when necessary. Consider quick dry, moisture wicking fabrics. They won’t smell as bad or as quickly as cotton, making it easier to wear the same shirt a few times. Test your toiletries ahead of time to see how long they last. I bet you use less than you think. Replace some of your liquids with solids, like solid shampoo or solid sunscreen. If you’re not sure you can reduce down to carry-on only, keep track of everything you use during your trip and notice which things you didn’t use, and pack less next time.

Budget your travels

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Darja Gogunova from DeeGees Travel

Travel is awesome and without a doubt, one of the greatest things you can do with your time and money. Living on plain noodles and water after your vacation because you’ve spent too much money is less fun. Make 2019 the year you get on top of your travel budget by introducing a couple of simple things into your travel life. You don’t need any complicated tools for that – a simple spreadsheet you can use on your laptop or phone is absolutely enough!

To start, set a realistic budget for your trip by defining your expected daily expenditure. You can use travel blogs and guidebooks to help you with that. Once you know how much you want to spend a day, define a couple of typical expense categories and their respective percentage of the total. For example, accommodation – 20%, food – 25%, transport – 15 etc.

Track your expenses as they occur assigning them to one of the categories you have defined. This will help you easily see where you’re overspending.

We have been traveling for a couple of months now and being in control of our budget is what has allowed us to fully enjoy ourselves and continue our journey.

Learn the local language

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Danielle Lawson from LiveIn10Countries

As the new year rolls around, we all just want to travel further, travel better, travel more and just enjoy our passions more. Sometimes we forget, though, that great travel starts before we even take off with the preparation you do.

Picture yourself being able to chit chat with locals, order in coffee shops around the globe and read all those fascinating shop signs and posters you’ll encounter – certainly adds to the experience, doesn’t it? That’s why my resolution is to learn at least a smattering of the language (but hopefully more) for every country I visit in 2019. It makes such a difference!

I hit on the idea earlier when went in search of the best things to see in Liechtenstein and got organized enough to have a good few phrases in German (the country’s official language) before I went. It was easier than I’d expected, using Youtube videos and apps on my phone and it made a big difference to the trip. This is one resolution you’ll be glad you kept!

Support local businesses

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Laura Hartley from What’s Hot Blog

We travel the world to see the world differently and appreciate all the other cultures around the world. It’s fair to say then that we want the places to which we travel to be as authentic as possible and hope that they still retain that local culture even after the tourists arrive. One way you can support the local culture and ensure that the local culture continues to thrive is by only buying locally on your travel. This means supporting small people and staying away from Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Buying locally supports the economy of the country you’re traveling in, which is a way of paying the locals back for opening their country up to you. However, it can sometimes be difficult to spot genuine local markets when there are so many that specifically target tourists. The way to avoid this is to do your research thoroughly and connect with locals. You can stay with locals or ask locals working in your accommodation. You can also talk to shop owners or taxi drivers when you’re out and about. If you make an effort to learn a little of their language, they may be even more forthcoming about their local secrets!

Try the local food

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Audrey Chalmers from Gumnuts Abroad

I’ve always thought of myself as a “good” eater, and at home, I gobble down just about anything. But when I travel abroad anxiety takes over and I turn my nose up at the local food more often than I’d like.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to try more exotic food on my overseas trips. Now I’m not talking about the usual international cuisine like pho, curry, sushi, and kebabs. I eat them at home. Okay, maybe not the sushi! But traditional delicacies that I barely recognize as food. Things like scorpions, bugs, and grubs, and unusual meats that make me squirm.

Local markets are the best place to find authentic food. And I’ve spent many hours wandering around them not daring to stop and try any of the offerings. Markets are also great places to connect with the local people while learning about their food. It can be hard to do that if you’re not willing to try the goods!

I travel to experience the local culture and trying the local food is an inseparable part of it. So, this year I’m resolving to step outside my comfort zone and try some traditional food.

Scorpion anyone?

Reduce your carbon footprint

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Shivani Sharma from The Wandering Core

Travel opened me to multiple dimensions and one of them was the way we have been exploiting the environment till date. With visible effects of over-tourism throughout the world, the need to re-think our travel has risen. That said, I have thought this through and decided to take relevant steps towards ethical tourism starting 2019.

Till last year I reduced my use of plastic mineral bottles even though I traveled around in India where treated water is still a luxury. Going forward I have resolved I’ll always carry my water bottle & always ask for water at the restaurants. Responsible tourism is not limited to less use of plastic, but also reducing our carbon footprint, which to me means fewer flights. However, I do understand I cannot completely boycott flights but I can opt for trains or cars wherever possible.

Travel & hospitality industry go hand in hand and as a professional hazard, we bloggers are exposed to hotels a lot. As a responsible tourist, I have taken this up to choose & promote only the hotels with visible sustainability efforts. Last year I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work with Hyatt Chennai and was extremely impressed with their efforts. These are some of my resolutions I hope to sustain in 2019 & actually take my travels to a better level.

Explore National Parks

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Jill Murchel from Let’s Travel Family

My New Year’s resolution to travel better in 2019 is to explore more National Parks and be more active with our kids while doing so. As a full-time RV family of 6 that travels around the USA in our Motorhome, we are often seeking out great destinations each week.

This year, we are excited to discover a few more amazing National Parks. I enjoyed finding fun things to do in Glacier National Park with kids last year, but this year I hope to learn more about biking with our kids in Utah and Colorado.

Mountain biking around Utah is supposed to be pretty amazing. Yet, I’m also open to getting in more hiking and finding the joy in visiting amazing National Parks together as a family. Our goal is to live each day to the fullest, as we don’t know what tomorrow might bring. So 2019 we will work hard to enjoy each day, be active, and seek out new National Parks together.

Travel slow

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Priyanko Sarkar from Constant Traveler

There is no better way to enjoy your travels this year than to subvert trends. Ditch the standard two-week Europe tour where six countries are crammed together without you knowing anything about any country even after the trip has ended. Stop patronizing places such as Croatia, Barcelona, Venice etc that are genuinely sick of tourists. And don’t seek familiar comforts of your favorite food and language wherever you travel. In 2019, try to ‘untravel’ by practicing slow travel.

I have a tendency of exploring a single country for a month wherever I travel. Sometimes even that doesn’t suffice. I traveled for five weeks through France, spending almost two weeks in Paris itself. Yet because of my slow travel, I haven’t been able to cover the Eastern and Northern parts of France. Slow travel is embracing about embracing the culture and partaking in the local way of life as much as possible before moving to the next location that should ideally be just an hour or so away from your current destination.

Not only will you save the planet some greenhouse gas emissions but more than likely, you will end up in a not-too touristic place where the locals will be happy to have you. You will appreciate your destination far better than you could ever imagine and the people you meet will stay in your memory forever.

Our fast life will resist this change in our travel habit but once you discover just how memorable it can be, you will never look at the current way of travel ever again. Give yourself that chance in 2019.

Be more open to destinationsTravel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Renee Hyde from Renee The Wanderess

In 2019, my travel resolution is to avoid having expectations when traveling. It is so easy to get a false picture of a place before you even get there. You have all of these expectations about what you want to see and do there. You start to curate an experience that you want to have. It’s easy to forget that each place you visit is dynamic and diverse, and it’s not just about that one “typical” touristy experience you’re trying to have to check it off of your bucket list. This year I’m going to try to be more open to the places I visit, to just kind of “let it happen” and have a more organic, spontaneous experience wherever I go. Forget the Eiffel Tower or eating steak in Argentina; let’s just explore the streets and meet the people, and see where that goes. I think it will lead to even greater adventures and more unique stories to tell.

Avoid superstar destinations (especially in peak times) to lessen the over-tourism load

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Emma Walmsley from Small Footprints, Big Adventures

Overtourism was one of the keywords for 2018. As more people are traveling globally than ever, some places in the world are being choked by tourism. It is feared that no people will actually live in Venice in the coming years, and locals are being pushed out of other cities too. Also, many superstar attractions are being harmed by enormous numbers of tourists visiting them each year, and inadequate planning and infrastructure to handle them.

So what can you do about it? It’s simple really: seek lesser known destinations or off-peak times. Travelling off-the-beaten-path is a great way to discover places that everyone hasn’t already been to and to meet people who would love to share their homelands with you. Smaller cities, islands, and villages often need the tourism income boost the most too, and by traveling respectfully and talking to the people who live there, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn from the source while also supporting them.

If you must travel to superstar destinations, book your travels in the shoulder or low-season. You will avoid huge crowds everywhere you want to go, and you will lessen the demand for resources shared by locals too. Also, be sure to choose responsible tour operators who give back to the local community and who are conscious of their impact on the environment.

Explore your homeland

Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2019

Suggested by Sara from OurKindOfCrazy

Travel is such an awesome thing. You get to go experience different countries, different cultures, and different environments. However, sometimes we tend to forget the place we call home. Our resolution here at Our Kind of Crazy is to explore our home country more. The US has so many awesome places to go visit, and so much of our country’s history. I mean, there are 50 states! How many people can say they’ve actually explored and experienced all 50…let alone even stepped foot in it! Each state can be so different from the next. And different each season as well. There are so many places in the states to travel, that we need to finish up where we haven’t been. We love to travel abroad, but this year, we want to focus on our home. It’s important to know and understand the places and people around you. We encourage you to travel around your home country and your neighbor countries too if you live in a small country. So US 50…we’re coming for you!

We couldn’t agree more with all these fabulous tips to help you and we hope you liked them too! We are sure that by putting these resolutions into action, there’s a lot of great travel waiting to happen for you!

Do you agree?

Tell us which travel resolution are you following in 2019?'

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