Travel Hostel: Modest Accommodation in Cesky Krumlov

Travel Hostel: Modest Accommodation in Cesky Krumlov

Travel Hostel is located in the city center of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. If you are on a budget trip, you should check this option out.


The location of travel hostel is perfect if you are arriving by bus or if you want to stay in center. It’s a bad choice (all of Cesky Krumlov’s hostels are in this case) if you are arriving or departing by train. Taxis to train station cost 200 CZK.

All the famous attractions of Cesky Krumlov are within a walking distance of Travel Hostel & that’s the best part about this place.


I never interacted much with the staff. In fact, I just met the receptionist twice & she was friendly. I didn’t see any hostel-specific staff because they also have a restaurant & bar which has a separate staff.

However, the receptionist was friendly & helpful.

Sleep Quality

The room in which I stayed had 11 beds. The bed was comfortable but the room was too small for 11 people. They do have a separate personal lockers for each bed in the room which is a good thing.

Apart from room being small, there were not enough plug points to charge electronics, it’s a bad thing if you are a photographer, blogger or simply a digital media enthusiast.

They provide you with bedsheets & towels so there is no need to carry it if you’re staying at Travel Hostel.

Kitchen Facility

I really liked the kitchen of Travel Hostel. It’s medium in size, stocked with all utensils & has a quiet a big dining area.

You can make almost anything in their kitchen (if you have the right ingredients) because its very well equipped. Unfortunately, other guests were not keeping the utensils very clean in the kitchen & I had to rewash a lot of dishes to cook & eat in clean utensils.

Other Amenities

There are very less bathrooms & toilets in the hostel. Almost all of them do not have locks (What’s the animosity between hostels & toilet locks?) so keep the music loud when you’re inside.

The bathroom usually stays in a very dirty condition unless you’re the first one to bath right after housekeeping staff cleans it. They are too small as well.

Travel Hostel does not have many amenities but you can book a lot of activities, tours & adventures directly from their reception. Give it a try!


In Cesky Krumlov, there are a lot of hostels better than Travel Hostel. Most of them are in the center of the town & reasonable. There is no specific reason to stay at Travel Hostel.

Picture Credits: Travel Hostel

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