Top Christmas Markets In Europe

Best Christmas Markets

It’s Christmas almost, and there’s nothing better than the European Christmas Markets to bring in the festive spirit. A lot of snow, fairy lights, christmas trees and decorations and a range of wines and sweets to pick from! We got Irina Christache to share with us her list of Best Christmas Market’s in Europe!

Europe’s Best Christmas Markets


Best Christmas Markets

Photo Credit: Brian Wiese/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

Christmas markets, also known as Christkindlmarkt, Marché de Noël, Christkindlesmarkt,

Christkindlmarket, and Weihnachtsmarkt originated in Germany in the Late Middle Ages. They quickly spread to other German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Austria but also in other parts of Europe such as the northern part of Italy and eastern part of France. Have you ever wondered how it must be to visit a Christmas market in a medieval city? Wonder no more as the Nuremberg market is what you are looking for. It was first held in 1628 and it gained its fame through the fact that no mass-produced goods can be sold here. Everything needs to be handmade, which explains why the spicy grilled sausages and the Nuremberg gingerbread is so good. Oh, did I mention they sell little men made out of dried prunes? The market is opened between 25 November – 24 December.

  1. Champagne
Best Christmas Markets

Photo credit: Guillaume Baviere/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

Out of all the markets in the region, I suggest you visit the Reims Christmas market – not only Reims is the capital of Champaign, but the Champagne region is the world’s capital of…CHAMPAGNE. Champagne people, the queen of all sparkling wines! All sparkling wine lovers should aim to visit the region at least once and what better time to do so than around Christmas, so you can attend the gourmet food festival and see the UNESCO World Heritage Site where the French kings used to be crowned for centuries – Notre-Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Reims or simply Reims Cathedral). The market is open from 18 November to 24 December.

  1. Ghent
Best Christmas Markets

Photo Credit: Matteo Paciotti/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

Known as Gentse Winterfeesten (meaning Ghent Winter Festival) among Belgians, the Ghent Christmas market is the place to be if you are a fan of fine cheese, ham, sausages, organic honey, mustard and other sauces. While you watch the little ones ice skate, try the addictive oliebollen, a traditional treat which consists of deep-fried dumplings that are similar to doughnuts but much softer. The market is open from 9 December to 10 January.

  1. Zürich
Best Christmas Markets

Photo Credit: Marco Sanchez/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

Just like any other big, respectable city, Zürich host quite a few Christmas markets every year. The Christmas market in the Old Town, the one by the Zürich Opera House, the Romantic Rapperswill market and the Einsiedeln markets are all lovely, but they is a special one that really got my attention: the Christmas market from the main train station. What makes it stand out is the fact that it is indoors – it is actually one of the largest indoor Christmas markets in Europe! I am always cold so at least I am not going to freeze while I pig out on roasted peanuts and Swiss chocolate. The market is open from 24 November to 24 December.

  1. Innsbruck
Best Christmas Markets

Jack Torcello/Flickr/Creative Commons (licence here)

The Christmas markets in Innsbruck are said to be the most charming in the entire Alpine region but there is a particular one that got my attention: The Old Town Christmas Market. I promise that the Old Town Christmas Market is my favourite not only because I love historic places, even if the famous Golden Roof and the well preserved medieval

  1. Canterbury

Best Christmas Markets

My favourite place in the whole kingdom. It is easy to fall in love with Canterbury. Beyond the Roman Wall, stalls filled with treats and merchandised products will be waiting for you. When you walk around the old streets of Canterbury, buy roasted peanuts, admire the Christmas lights and make sure you reserve time to visit Canterbury Cathedral or even better – get into the festive atmosphere by attending a carols concert. You can visit the market between 26 November and 24 December.

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