Top 5 Travel Myths Busted

Top 5 Travel Myths Busted | Traveling

Traveling is always an exciting prospect if you are looking for a refreshing change from the daily routine. A lot of us have the tendency to put off the travel plans for the later under the influence of several preconceived notions as well as misconceptions. Populist media and contemporary rumors are the main reason for the spread of incorrect ideas when it comes to travel. In order to ensure that these travel myths don’t hold us back in our pursuit of exciting adventures that traveling has to offer, let us explore some of the myths and get our facts right.

1. Traveling is supposed to cost an arm and a leg.

This is one of the most common myths that people tend to believe. To get things straight, there are many ways that can enable you to travel on a tight budget. The two things wherein you can save a lot are accommodation and flight fares. While it is certainly true that luxurious hotels and first class travels can set you back by a hefty sum, these aspects can be definitely compromised a bit. For flights, you can get great discounts if you research online. Additionally, you can more often than not get good deals with a travel package that includes accommodation and travel fares.

2. Solo Travel is dangerous

Another popular misconception, this is true only if you are not careful enough while you are traveling. With some extra precautions, traveling alone can be rewarding and incredibly adventurous. If you need some inspiration, you can always watch the critically acclaimed film, Into the Wild.

3. Traveling is not worth the time and effort

This one is for the uninitiated. If you ask someone who regularly undertakes trips, he or she would be quick to point out how satisfying and joyful a vacation trip can be. So, just take the plunge and get going!

4. Shared Accommodation is risky

This travel myth has been spread by movies and news media. This is something that originates from skepticism and rumors. Like aforementioned, the key here is to be vigilant and take necessary precautions, especially if you are a woman. Doing this for the first time can sure seem daunting. In that case, you can start off with a group stay that will help enforce a sense of security. Another way to go about it is to choose the location and accommodation thoughtfully. Choosing a family owned house in a safe neighborhood can help this cause greatly.

5. International Travel Insurance is not needed

This is arguably the most wrongful notion to have. Putting it simply, you don’t need overseas travel insurance until you do. Many people fall into the trap of buying the cheapest travel insurance (probably the one that comes with a travel package) or doing away with it completely for saving money. This is a hindsight that can cost you dearly in the case of an untoward incident. The odds of getting injured, getting involved in an accident or perhaps flight cancellations are not worth neglecting. With online travel insurance offering coverage such as loss of passport and baggage, having a travel policy can be the best fail-safe for a traveler. Do check out Reliance Travel Insurance that offers great plans for a lot of destinations at a great premium. So, the next time you decide to embark on a daring adventure, make sure you don’t leave without travel insurance.

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