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Traveling to witness the wonders of nature is like watching a Christopher Nolan film. You can choose to be amazed by the beauty before you and you can choose to dive into the science of things. Either way, you won’t go back empty handed.

Cities and civilizations- both modern, medieval and the ruins are great to explore. But beyond all of it, is the magnificence of nature that stands there in all its glory, waiting to mesmerize you. You can travel across your country or trot across the globe, you’ll never find a piece of art more beautiful than nature. The most exceptional part about nature is that you never have to go too far to find it. You can find it near your house, in your city, away from it, literally anywhere you go. And the beauty of nature is such that it’s form changes from place-to-place-to.

Parichay Taupo Tandem Skydiving

Sometimes you are enthused by the beaches, sometimes the mountains bring you peace, sometimes the sunshine, the rain, the snow. Nature is so universal and yet so personal to each one.

Perhaps, the reason why we often travel, wanting to wander off in some place away from our city lights and sounds, closer to the comfort of nature.

N for Nature

Nature based tourism has long been a key factor in tourism. Traveling to popular spots like the mountains, hill stations, waterfalls, jungles, deserts, beach destinations; or to witness the much talked about natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, the geothermal pools have been a dominant travel trend for years now. And that’s the beauty of nature, each time there is something new, something unique to explore.

Why Nature?

Apart from the scenic beauty, here are a few more reasons why nature tourism is a preferred choice amongst many, globally:

  • It is the best way to disconnect from the chaos and speed of the city life. The city life or rather the busy lives that we live often take a toll on both our mental and physical health on a regular basis. In addition, modern lifestyles are not very eco-friendly, in turn affecting our own health. A nature getaway can do wonders to the mind and soul.
  • Options, options and options: One of the universal factors about nature-based tourism is the option to opt out of details. You’ll barely ever find a museum in nature. Nature itself is set up like a museum, one where you knowing about it is always an advantage. But in most cases, walking into the experience as a complete noob is quite the possibility as well. You can watch and admire and you can also dig into the details of the beauty and cultural connections.
  • Nature-based destinations offer a wide range of cultural, culinary and even adventure experiences. The more you ask, the more you will find.
  • In any case, even a stay-cation in nature is worth the trip. You can enjoy the comfort of a cozy property, while binging on food, activities, and some quality time with your loved ones in the presence of nature.
  • There are so many undiscovered, lesser-known places. In nature, you can always discover your own hidden gems.
  • Doctors, scientists and mental health professionals have all advocated a walk in the nature, away from technology for various health benefits.
  • Nature is never too far away. You can escape into nature post a 3-hour long drive or after a 3-hour long flight. The options our plenty, each more lucrative than the other!
  • Anything better than fresh air?

Explore Responsibly

While nature is accessible to everyone, by each passing day, it is more-and-more our responsibility to explore responsibly. To preserve and protect, instead of litter and destruct.

Don’t litter or leave trash: Whether you’re headed for staycation or a hike up the hills, don’t leave behind your trash. Whatever waste you contribute to, make sure to dispose it methodically.

Don’t reveal the destinations: If you’re an explorer, you’re likely to be on a lookout for hidden gems and lesser-known locations. If you do find it, and love it, consider keeping it a secret. Not every place needs crowds to disturb its vibes.

Try opting for sustainable/ eco-friendly options:  You’re most likely to use water, electricity, fuel, meats, plastics in some form or the other while traveling. Try to minimize usage of some components, use your resources wisely and dispose them responsibly.

Nature is not just trees: It is so much more- the air, the beings, the energy, all of it components of nature. Be mindful of it and be watchful of how you interact with nature and its resources.

Know your limits: Exploring, adventuring out, discovering something new… nature can be very inviting to one and all. But at some point, into that hike, into that trip, you need to know your boundaries and stop.

Falling In Love With Nature

Northern Lights


Long before the Northern Lights became the top item on most of our bucket lists, Parichay took his first international trip with his parents to witness this wonder of nature. I still remember, celebrating Diwali back here in India, while Parichay sent some of the most mind-boggling pictures of the Northern Lights, taken in Tromso back in 2015.

The Eighth Wonder of Nature

There is a reason why Rudyard Kipling called the Milford Sound in New Zealand’s South Island, the eighth wonder of the world. A reason that you can only full understand when you witness the marvel of the rainbows in the Fjordlands while cruising along the Tasman Sea.

White Winters


Even for someone who can barely deal with cold temperatures, the European White Winters have this unfailing quality of casting a magic spell on the one who lives the experience. A train ride, walking in the snow, learning to ski, enjoying some Mulled wine and hot chocolate, the joy of a freshly baked pizza after a walk in the snow. White Winters are like a living fairy tale. If winter is coming, bring it in white!

Geothermal Springs


The vision of the geothermal springs in Te Puia near Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island was a vision to behold. Sometimes, you cannot help but wonder, how tiny you are in the grand scheme of nature’s plan.

The Dreamy Iceland

It’s been 3 years since Parichay’s extensive Iceland trip. And much longer since I’ve been awestruck by the filming locations of Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Gerua (Dilwale). Even the pictures have been telling, and so have been the many stories that Parichay and his parents had to share about the beauty and wonders of Iceland.

Sunsets in the Desert

On my trip to Dubai, I had barely imagined that the deserts would excites me like they did. But I was beyond surprised with the experiences that came my way! The desert safari with all the dune bashing, sunset scenes, camel ride, belly-dancing and fire show along with some delicious dinner in the desert, under the stars was not just fun but highly memorable. On another occasion, a road trip to Hatta from Dubai was a memorable affair with a gorgeous sunset view in the desert! Just may be, the sun shines brighter in the deserts!

Underwater life in Maldives

Everybody loves the luxury of a grand holiday in the Maldives. But the true beauty of Maldives, lies not in the luxuries but the beauty of the island life. A sunset on the cruise, diving into the clear waters, catching a glimpse of the colorful underwater life. In Maldives, almost everything feels like nature, nature is everywhere!

Jungles of India

Neither Parichay nor me qualify as wild life enthusiasts. But over a few trips to the various jungles of India- in Bandipur, in Satpura, in Kaziranga, the feeling of exploring a grander scheme of things was overwhelming. It was rather exciting to live in the middle of nature, exploring some of its most wondrous creations. It was here that we learned so much more about nature and how much we took it for granted!

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