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Travel to some is luxury and to many, it is a lifestyle choice. Most of us, grow up with the stereotypical idea of taking a break from the city life in the summer vacations and Diwali vacations. Now this could simply mean traveling only as far as our native place, visiting relatives in another town or city and getting pampered over bonding. For those of us with more enthusiastic families when it comes to travel, travel is all about heading to a cool new destination with our entire tribe. Long story short, the idea of travel and vacations have been the symbolism of family time and bonding. Which is why, picking F for Family Travel was an obvious choice!

F for Family Travel

When you think of family travel, you’d either end up imagining a typical Sooraj Barjatya film scene or the rush of childhood memories of traveling with your family. Back then, Dil Chahta Hai had not yet released and that Goa trip with friends was a rare and a rather successful plan for most. Growing up, we may have caught on the trends of solo travel, trips with Contiki, traveling friends to hip destinations. But our first impressions and memories of travel continue to be those with La Familia and those continue to be some of the finest memories.

Family travel has been different for both Parichay and myself. And if I am being honest, it’s really more of his thing as he continues to take trips with his parents till date without any excuse. Be it a trip to Mansarovar, a trip to Ladakh, or road trip in the hilly terrains of North East India or through the scenic views of Iceland, an exotic trip to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights or simply to enjoy the Swiss winters, they’ve done it all and at ease without the rush of a tour company.

My early travel, much like everyone else has been with family. Trips to north with my parents when I was very young. I think I have more cute photographs than real memories of that trip. A couple of trips with my mama and the rest of our family sans my parents. And quite recently, a trip to Dubai with my parents and my brother. Through the various time periods, sets of family members and destinations, each memory is extremely special and unique.

Parichay’s Take on Family Travel

There are different forms of traveling and at some point in life, we all have traveled in different styles. I have traveled solo, with friends, with families domestically and internationally. This article is all about traveling with my family.

Even though it is considered a ‘not cool’ form of traveling, I enjoy it thoroughly. There are many benefits of family travel and which is why I think every family should take at least 1 trip a year, together.


There are 3 phases of each trip – pre-trip, trip and post-trip. The pre-trip period includes many things such as finalizing a destination, mode of travel, activities that everyone wants to do, places that everyone wants to visit, planning an itinerary, booking tickets, hotels, activities etc. and of course, packing for the trip.

When I travel with my family, the pre-trip period is full of energy. First, we discuss our travel needs (basically, what kind of a trip we would like to take) and then watch videos of the destinations, read blog posts, see pictures etc. This makes post-dinner time very happening.

Since we all love planning in my family, our trip planning or the pre-trip phase begins as early as 12 months in advance. This guarantees fodder for the next one-year worth of healthy and happening communication.

The trip

When we are traveling, we all know what we are going to see, experience, eat every day. But then there are random, unplanned moments that make up for the adventure required in an otherwise planned trip.

Remembering friends and other family members, talking to them while being at the destination, talk about random things that we experience during the trip and other life talks make our conversations sincere and fruitful.

Traveling is not always fun, it has its fair share of hardships. When we face a difficult situation as a family together, we come closer. Tackling these situations, getting a solution and moving forward together give us the much-needed cohesiveness for the coming months.


And finally comes the post-trip period. This is the period where we are back from our trip and now meeting our friends and other family members again. Whenever we come back from a trip, everyone wants to know how it went, what all happened during the trip. Almost all of them want to see pictures and videos.

Talking to others about the trip is always fun. It doesn’t matter if you are talking to someone individually or as a family, stories from the trip will always involve everyone. You will cherish good and bad memories equally.

Looking back at the pictures and videos that we had taken during the trip makes us think about all the happy memories. This activity keeps happening regularly over the next few months and gives us even more fodder to talk about.

Traveling with my family gives all of us a lot of things to talk about. Our communication becomes clearer and smooth. We learn about each other’s needs and tackle issues together. Family travel is the best way to bring and keep the family closer.

Read all about my Iceland trip with my family here.

Parampara’s Take on Family Travel

Family travel is definitely not my area of expertise. But the fond memories, the experiences, the obstacles, the adventures and the joys and the photographs, are constant reminders of how important and beautiful it is to travel with your folks. Especially in times such as today, where our worlds are a lot bigger and absorbing, connecting with your own kin gives you a sense of grounding. All those trips to your native place, to the homes of your relatives connects you to your roots in the most subtle yet special way. Thanks to these trips, you know your kin, your ancestors, stories, secrets and treasuries of your families. With the family, no trip is too small.

It’s amazing how the little things, habits and preferences of one are accepted and respected more so while traveling. I still remember how my parents always believed that books are the most important friends to expand your horizons. After our family trip to Dubai in 2016, they started enjoying travel and understanding why it meant so much to me. It stopped being just about gorgeous locations. There was more to it for me. And that’s when they started understanding it! It’s moments like these of family travel that make me so grateful.

Do you agree with it? Do you like traveling with your family? Let me know in the comments section below.

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