The Power Of The Secret In Making Travel Happen

The Secret Of Making Travel Happen

On a daily basis, we meet many people who happen to ask one of these set questions.

“What’s your next destination?”

“How do you manage to travel so much?”

“Can we trade lives?”

Talking for myself, I had desired to travel for too long. But it was only 3 years ago that the dream came true for. I still don’t know if it was the place calling (yeah, I love romanticising) or me putting up my rebellious side. But my first solo trip happened 3 years ago.

Coincidentally, I had the monies, the documents, the perfect destination and the right amount of courage. Most of all, I had a strong desire to make my desire to travel come true.

In 2018, with the internet taking over our lives there is no lack of inspiration to do things we like. Travel included. There are numerous blogs, videos, photographs floating on the internet that make you want to travel. And why not? No one prefers sitting in a cubicle, working 18hours a day. That’d be crazy, but that is the reality of our lives.

Before I say any more, let me ask you…

“Do you believe in The Secret?”

“…in making things happen by wanting them enough?”

Do I believe in the power of ‘The Secret’? But everyone who knows my story often tells me that it is the secret that has worked for me.

The Power of the Secret

I knew I would visit Istanbul some day.  I was certain despite everything else.

Like a vision board practice, I also had many pictures and wallpapers of the gorgeous city.

To make things better, I also booked me a ticket (instead of making a dummy) without knowing how I’d go about the trip.

So, this is the only secret you need to remember to make travel happen for you!

The Secret Of Making Travel Happen

The biggest lesson that I have learned in the last 4 years is that you got to make things happen. For pretty much most of my teenage years, I fought with my parents to travel.

PS. My parents prefer books over destinations. So my wishes sounded like teenage hormones roaring the obvious.

It wasn’t until I saved money, booked tickets and tried all types of emotional & logical dramatics before they agreed to let me go. My first trip was a solo trip to the destination right on the top of my bucket list, Istanbul. I had to pinch myself when I was boarding that plane.

But long story short, I had to make it happen. I had to save that money. I had to book those tickets. Most importantly, I had to initiate that conversation with determination and honesty.

It was one of the most empowering decisions of my life.


Make Travel Happen- It’s Work

Even after, ‘WANTING TO TRAVEL’ or posting tweets & status updates was not sufficient to make travel happen. I still had to go through the same drill- save, plan, book and go. And I am willing to go through it because travel is beyond insta worthy photos.

Going back to another key element of the Secret, time is often everything. I had planned a winter trip across Europe for November-December, 2017. Because not all goes as per the plan, the possibilities of the trip happening looked almost bleak and we thought we’d have to wait another year for this. In December, however, things fell in place and we booked our tickets to fly out on the New Year’s. Between all the bookings and instant visa, my grandfather passed away. While it was extremely painful for me personally, I was surprised by the timing of it all. Because my trip didn’t happen as per the original plan, I got to be by his side in his last days. I also got to be a part of all rituals after his death. It was all done before my trip and my mom insisted that I travel as per my bookings. I think the travel that happened at that time helped me to a great extent to heal myself. Maybe, that was too was the power of the secret.

Guess what? Unlike what most of you think, I don’t get paid to travel. I still create content because I enjoy it and I see the value in sharing it. I still have to pay bills and slog hard while traveling and while I am not traveling as well.

Without sharing any clichéd quote with you, I’d like to say that all that money you work for is best invested in things that enrich you.

Books, movies, and travel are those 3 things for me.

Things that enrich you and make you a better person are the habits that you must embrace.

So here’s a little incidence, ‘When we take on our first jobs and start earning, we always have a list of things that we’ve desired and can be bought using the money. I earned my first Macbook, my first camera, my first iPhone. Of course, I was happy AF when I got these. But a few days later, it was a part of my routine. But it’s been 3 years since I started traveling. I still talk about my first trip and every other trip thereafter. I have experiences to share and better conversations to make. Above all, I have the confidence of surviving and conquering!

Are you thinking how does this make travel happen?

It does.

It’s not the pictures on the internet, but this sense of adventure, sense of exploring that pushes me to step further.  And honestly, it’s a hell lot healthier than drinking away your weekends! (and maybe puking thereafter)

To begin with, do you really want to travel? And the reason better not be Instagram.

Because then, you can start off with simple things.

Deciding on a couple of destinations. Looking up for details like the suitable time to visit, costing, trip duration. You could check on your friends and do this together as well.

Once you know this what you want to do and the monies you will need, start saving if you haven’t already.

If there are 2 things that you must follow STRICTLY, it’d be-

  1. Research- It helps you stay excited, plan better & save costs
  2. Action- because nothing happens unless you ‘DO THE NECESSARY’

There’s a journey for every budget.

But the law of making things happen is as important in here, as it is for every other thing that holds an important place in your life.

Remember to believe, prepare and make things happen!

Do you have a similar story to share? Have you used ‘The Secret’ to fulfill wishes like travel?

Share your journey in the comments below.

Till then!

Happy Travels <3'

I live in the movies (in my parallel world). I travel in search of stories. So I explore- experience- express my trysts with people, places, food, culture and their stories!

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