The beauty of the Turquoise Coast

Travelling the world can be a rewarding experience, visiting destinations that have awe-inspiring views, astounding histories or even a great culture. However, few countries can boast to have all of these and have brilliant weather like Turkey can. All across Turkey, there are changes of culture and life, from the bustling and busy city of Istanbul to the serene Black sea coast to the reserved and religious Van. Every year millions of people travel from all over the world to vacation in Turkey, not everyone one of them comes for the culture many come for the beautiful vistas and its stunning coastline. Many destinations have tours or day trips, with a beautiful coast, small boat cruises have become popular. Ala Turka Cruises is a company that offers luxury cruises from major ports and harbours, including the famous Fethiye harbour.


This beautiful harbour town is the often the starting point to travel the Turkish coastline. However, the town and the surrounding area has much to see and experience outside of the harbour. Fethiye’s original name was Telmessos during the Lycian period, the ruins from this time can still be found within the town as well as in the area. One of the most prominent ruins is the Kings rock tomb, found in the cliffs above the town centre. While the history is a huge draw to the region Fethiye also has some of the most famous tourist destinations.


Close to Fethiye is the beach resort of Oludeniz while being a small area is has become famous across the world due to it being the home of the Blue Lagoon. The beach is split into two sections, one is the front that looks out onto the open sea. Running parallel with the beach is a cobbled street with different restaurants that offer stunning views from their terraces while trying the local and international cuisine.

The second section of Oludeniz is the Blue Lagoon. This natural wonder is what has attracted so many tourists, while the beaches have been commercialised this has mostly improved the beach by adding golden sands and catering right on the beachfront. The lagoon itself has been left with no modern additions, for those who like to explore there the lowest layer of ruined houses dotted under the surface of the water.


Turquoise Coast

Fethiye holds a pride of place on the Turquoise Coast, which gained its name from the colour of the Aegean Seas crystal-clear azure colour. Along with this stunning coastline there is a wide range of islands, from small once with no human change, to larger colonised islands still under Greek control. Going from Fethiye to the east there is some of the most historic Turkish destinations, such as Olympos, Demre, and Butterfly Valley. However, if you head to the north-west you will come to similar towns such as Marmaris and Bodrum, just off the coast near Bodrum is the Greek Dodecanese island chain.

Dodecanese Island Chain

The Island chain of Dodecanese is a collection of fifteen larger and 150 small islands off the coast of Turkey however they fall under Greek rule.  These islands offer a wealth of history and mythology about the region. One of these islands is Kos, here there is accurate history and mythical stories. Kos is the home to the to the Asklepion, which is considered a key place for modern medicine thanks to Hippocrates. Hippocrates learned at this centre for medicine during the height of the Greek empire after he spent time travelling to help others. Here the Hippocratic Oath was created as an honour to Hippocrates and his personal promise to not hurt others and help anyone he could.

Kos also holds a significant part in the war of the Gods, this island was where Poseidon fought the giant Polybotes. As Polybotes was verging on defeat he attempted to flee the island at this point Poseidon broke a section from Kos and threw it at the giant burying him and creating the island of Nisyros.

The Turquoise Coast is an amazing collection of wonders that should be made a destination on the next holiday, either visiting the landbound places or travelling on a cruise visiting the stunning and fascinating islands.

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