SWISS: An Airline Which Is Smooth Like Swiss Cheese

SWISS: An Airline Which Is Smooth Like Swiss Cheese

Swiss international airline is the flag carrier airline of Switzerland. It is one of the best airlines in the world. Swiss doesn’t work like low-cost airlines. They are a full fledged airline with low-cost benefits as well.

Check-in & Luggage Allowance

Swiss has one of the best websites for an airline. Their mobile app is also good. Booking from their website is really easy. Check-in process is fairly managable from their app.

About luggage, the airline company does a good job by offering people low cost if they are traveling without luggage. If you just have a cabin luggage, you’re going to pay less while enjoying other on-board amenities. If you have a luggage, you’re going to pay what you pay other airlines.

Staff of SWISS

Their aircrafts are HUGE. And I really mean it. It takes a lot of time to get in and/or get out. Staff manages the crowd well. You will be interacting with them a lot on your flight & they are ultra-friendly.

Aircraft & Seat Quality

Huge aircrafts which are well maintained are kind of signature of this airline. Seat quality is superb. They are comfortable, soft & very relaxing. The flights tend to be huge so try getting your seats in the very beginning so you can get out soon.

Food & Entertainment

Switzerland is famous for it’s chocolates & cheese. After the take off, Swiss staff will present you with yummy Swiss chocolates (Yes, you can take as many as you want). Post that, you shall be presented with nice, filling breakfast with tea, coffee & juices.

There isn’t much to do for entertainment if your flight is within Europe, but Swiss magazine is really good. The magazine is in 4 languages – French, German, Italian & English. It’s fun to read articles, look at pictures & see rates of Swissmade products. Don’t buy anything though, everything is expensive.

Picture Credits: The Design Air

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