Student Agency: A Good Alternative For Everyone

Student Agency: A Good Alternative For Everyone

Student Agency

It sounds like a company only dedicated to students. That’s not the case though. Student Agency is for everyone & its routes are spreaded across Europe.

From Czech Republic, Slovakia to Italy to UK to France to Norway, Student Agency goes everywhere.

My review is based on 1 route.
1. Telc, Czech Republic to Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


Prices of train tickets are cheap in Czech Republic, but then Student Agency bus makes internal transportation even cheaper! We paid only EUR 5.5 (Rs. 410) for a 2.5 hours long journey.


Full points for this. The bus arrived on time, left on time & reached Cesky Krumlov on the given time. I love it when companies stick to their mentioned time table.


The bus looked quite modern. Seats were comfortable as well. Unfortunately, I got the seat in the last row which couldn’t recline.


Student Agency has a lot of routes & the most popular routes have a great frequency of buses. If you are planning to travel between popular European cities, make sure you book tickets in advance online to avoid seats in the last row.


The best part comes here. Apart from great seats & bus, Student Agency excels at providing other services to its passengers. They provide you a welcome drink (cold beverage or a hot coffee). They have a flight-like entertainment system with many TV series, Movies & Games. You will never get bored during journey for sure.

PS. Their coffee is very very bad!

Luggage Space

The buses have a generous amount of luggage space for your big bags. You can take your smaller luggages inside.

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