STF Zinkensdamm: Stockholm’s Perfect Stay Option

STF Zinkensdamm: Stockholm's Perfect Stay Option

STF Zinkensdamm is a good budget hostel in the beautiful city of Stockholm.


The hostel is approximately 3.5km from the centre of Stockholm. It is located between 2 metro stations, Zinkersdamm & Hornstull & its in front of a big beautiful park. If you’re looking for a budget & quite hostel, this is your best choice.


I had arrived at the hostel 2 hours prior to my check-in but that didn’t create any problem. I was allowed to check-in early with a smile. Their staff is nice, friendly & helpful. I don’t know if they sell Stockholm card from the reception or not but now it doesn’t matter. The Stockholm card has been discontinued.

Sleep Quality

I stayed in a dorm of 4 which had 2 buck beds. Though the rooms are good, well lit & with storage facilities, they are too small. That’s the only negative aspect. Their bed is comfortable, bed sheets & duvets are clean.

Kitchen Facilities

STF Zinkensdamm has one of the best kitchens I’ve ever cooked in. Spacious, equipped & full of everything. Their dining hall is big & cozy. The only thing that bothered me while cooking was the cleanliness. I had to clean their utensils to use it. Though we can’t really blame the hostel for it since it’s the responsibility of guests as well.

Other Amenities

Bathrooms are clean & showers are good. They rent out bicycles (and give helmets for free!). One of the best ways to explore Stockholm is on bicycle. They also have facilities like Laundry, Parking & Sauna. They are chargeable though.


STF Zinkensdamm was an ideal place to stay while exploring Stockholm since the facilities of the hostel were really good & most importantly, beds were amazingly comfortable.

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