Stay Home, These Are Times of Corona

Times of Corona

Welcome to a super special blog!

The one where I ask you to stay home instead of stepping out to explore because Corona Virus has hacked the world. 

Day 26

Yes, that’s how long it has been since I last stepped out of my house for an event unprecedented in an entire century, I don’t think I or any of us were prepared for this.

And that’s the thing about being unprepared…

You take forever to come to terms with reality, depending on the level of unsettling nature that comes along.

I can tell you that it has indeed taken me a good amount of time (26 days, assuming I will publish this draft without trashing it) to make sense of what is happening.

Have I fully processed this situation? Honestly, no. We’re living the historical moment, where we’re not creating history for being out there on the battle field fighting for freedom. Instead our fight is about staying home to prevent a virus from spreading and staying safe. And as ironic as that sounds, that my friends is the best way to be at least when we have the privilege of being sheltered and well supplied for with meals, medications, modes of communication, entertainment and a support system.

Just like we all have our own privileges, we all have our own struggles too. Neither can be denied.

For someone who spends a major amount of time, efforts and resources in wander lusting and trotting the globe, immersed in work and the worldliness outside my home, staying locked up in a house was never a thought that had crossed my mind. Not while bungy jumping or sky diving in New Zealand or while taking the scenic train journeys in European winters

Probably, the closest I had imagined was spending a month in Bali attempting to write the manuscript I had forever procrastinated over whilst disconnecting with the world.

The first few days of the lockdown were about consoling myself with false hopes that this would end soon. Being aware of how the situation developed in China, Italy, Iran and Spain, the brain knew that this was going to take a while.

But to calm myself, I decided to divert my thoughts by being productive. Several plans were made and scrapped off on paper. After all, the naive mind wanted to make the most of this ‘time off’ to be productive, learn new skills, cook, read, watch movies, write, and come out of this phase as a total rockstar!

But then again, who were we kidding? Are we really pretending like all is normal? I mean, how was I to turn up my creative best when all news and updates were about how many got affected, how many died, how many more days of staying home and above all ‘could we safely get out?’

In the midst of a global crisis, a pandemic, we are cooped up with no certainty of what the world will be like again!

The birds have been chirping, as loudly as we honked horns, the air is clearing up, the animals are coming out and us, humans… well, we are caged.

Now, this is the downside of being an over-thinker, the-everyday-me was growing anxious and restless with the lockdown. Despite complaining about my itch for the freedom to move around, I couldn’t be ignorant of my privileges. And this time, I say this not just for having a home, a family, supplies, and means to keep me going and entertained. But I’d also consider the privilege of being able to work. Coming from a digital background, work hasn’t stopped, if at all it has only increased. And given the situation, I can only count my blessings.

These are hard times. Read the news and you’ll know how scary it is outside the comforts of our home. 

Particularly hard, not because we’re in the middle of a strange crisis.

But hard for us, because this is possibly what one would call a ‘once in a century’ kind of an event that shakes up the world.

There’s human suffering, emotional suffering, loss of lives and livelihoods where the mightiest of nations, organizations, and technologies are doing the best day can, to find a way out of this. This pandemic has unsettled us, and how.

Does anyone else feel like an ‘extra’ in a disaster movie, right now?

I am certain, we will get through this. Sooner.

But the real question is, what will we be on the other side of this pandemic?

In the meanwhile, I am trying to look at the bright side. Get enough sleep, read the books that I have been meaning to, watch the shows and films that I have missed, spend time with my brother, cook, take up some online courses and hopefully get some writing done.

Please take care of yourself and be empathetic.

Practice social distancing and at any point, do not take this situation lightly.

Avoid consuming too much news, especially on social media. It’s definitely going to impact your mental well being. Above all, please don’t spread/ share unverified news/ information that can create panic.

Try to keep yourself occupied with things you like/ want- read, write, paint, sing, watch and get some sleep.

You definitely need to practice social distancing, but human contact is going to help you stay sane. So pick up that phone and make a call to your family, friends, associates.

How are you doing today? I hope you’re indoors while reading this.

Take care & stay indoors!

A big big thank you to all those out there, risking their lives and doing their jobs to ensure we can live as safely and comfortably possible even amidst this crisis.

Lots of love,


I live in the movies (in my parallel world). I travel in search of stories. So I explore- experience- express my trysts with people, places, food, culture and their stories!

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