Snowcapped Serenity To The Cosmopolitan Capital; It’s Wonderful, It’s Norway

Fram Museum, Oslo, Norway

Before you look for any particular attraction in Norway, just hop on any of its transit systems, you would be so mesmerized with the beauty the country offers that you wouldn’t want the journey to end. Just take a train at Oslo to the Hardangervidda Mountains and let the tunnels and bridges offer their scenic beauty to you; your senses would get such calm elation that you won’t realize how time elapses.

There are various other routes that you must explore on your Norway tour including Dovre Railway, Rauma Railway and Flam Railway. You can also relive the old world charm with classic steam trains and other such amusing diversions on the Norwegian Railway. The Atlantic Ocean Road is another joyous route that must be a part of your Europe tour package. It connects a number of tiny islands to the mainland and the route is a heaven for the adventure lover in you. You want to dive or just want to go angling, there are a number of avenues for you.

The five miles long stretch will take you to the quaint villages and the simplicity of the people of that advanced nation would keep you in awe and even after finishing your Europe tour, you would inadvertently think of those places. The route deserves to be a part of your Europe package.

Hurtigruten Ferry is another joyous ride in Norway that you must include in your Europe holiday package. Though primarily established to connect far flung areas of the country to the mainland, it is one of the most scenic routes that nature lover in you would look for. From Bergen to Kerkenes, it explores so many beautiful places that you might start thinking you haven’t taken Norway tour package but heaven is there in the country to give joy to your senses.

The route of Arctic Circle is another must include destination in your Norway holiday package as it will take you through some of the wonders of nature that you must explore. Midnight Sun is there to amuse you and also nature’s show of Aurora Borealis, one of the most amazing aspects of nature. The one ermine beauty that is sure to be a part of your Norway tour package is Lillehammer.

In winter the place showcases its real beauty and the adventure lover in you would love to go for various activities including skating, sleigh rides and many other things. Norway invites you to explore the various avenues that nature has endowed on the nation and it’s time you respond to it. Go for Norway tour now and as for creating a suitable package for you, SOTC is always there at your service.

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