Sea Kayaking In Split Is Life-changing

Sea Kayaking in Split is Life-changing

Sea Kayaking

Croatia did not start on a good note for me as I was pickpocketed in Zagreb. I lost all of my money, my credit & debit cards, driving license & many more IDs. But Parampara asked me to keep faith & told me not to judge the entire nation by this incident.

I was not excited for anything except Split. This was mainly because Irena had arranged a sea kayaking trip with Given2Fly Adventures. I always wanted to try sea kayaking.

Split was beautiful! It was my favorite Croatian city for sure. The architecture, climate, people & sea, everything was just perfect. Only thanks to Split, I have a good image of Croatia in my mind. Sorry Zagreb, I still won’t recommend you to people.

Our lovely AirBnb host Irena had arranged this sea kayaking trip, so I reached the designated spot with my friends in the morning. I met Mariana & Bozo from Given2Fly Adventures there. Mariana is the brain behind this adventure company. Bozo took us to the starting point.

I changed into more comfortable clothes, all set for the very first sea kayaking trip of my life. It started with learning few important things about sea kayaking. Mariana & Bozo explained it pretty well. After that, we wore our safety jackets, put our valuables in big airtight & waterproof containers provided by Given2Fly Adventures.

We put our kayaks in the sea, sat in it & the trip began! I was so excited that I forgot all the training given by Bozo & Mariana. I started paddling without synchronizing with my partner. The kayak didn’t move much because we were not in sync. I realized my mistake & then began our journey.

Excitement level = MAX

Excitement level = MAX

We paddled for about 2 hours in the open sea. Mariana showed us quite a few spots around. We also saw some of the Game of Thrones locations from a distance. Just when I thought I am becoming an expert in paddling (and in sea kayaking overall), I came across a sea kayaking race. There were a dozens of kayaks, where kids were paddling it. Their synchronization, discipline, and speed were astonishing! That put me back in my senses that I still sucked.

Sea kayaking

After arriving at a secluded spot, we had few protein bars to regain some energy. Mariana gave us snorkeling equipment. Again, this was my first time at snorkeling as well. This was even more exciting because we were going inside the sea!

I took time to understand the entire activity but after that, it was truly beautiful. The snorkeling experience cannot be described in words. You have to do it to understand its beauty. Mariana & Bozo deserves a standing ovation for the work that they do & the smiles they bring on people’s faces each day.

Sea Kayaking in Split is Life-changing

Sea kayaking was an unmatched experience for me because it showed me how small I am in an open sea. It made me realize how I don’t even know a fraction of this beautiful planet. Its crystal clear water made me understood the importance of preserving our home planet. In few moments spent alone in the middle of the sea, it helped me understand myself a little better. In a matter of 6 hours & 2 beautiful activities, it changed me as a person for better!

Sea Kayaking with Given2Fly Adventures

That’s Bozo with us!

Thank you so much Mariana & Bozo for this wonderful experience. All the best to Given2Fly Adventures for future. May you bring smiles on a lot more people’s faces. I’d also like to thank Irena for arranging this activity for us & of course, letting us stay in your beautiful home!

Croatia is good. Split is the best.

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