SAS: Making Scandinavian Air Travel Cheap & Comfortable

SAS: Making Scandinavian Air Travel Cheap & Comfortable

SAS or Scandinavian Airlines System is one of the most popular flying options in Europe, especially in Scandinavic region. SAS also offers special youth tickets (>26 years) & it generally offers cheap tickets to it’s destinations. Although, it’s recommended that you book tickets well in advance.

Check-in & Luggage Allowance

I love SAS website. It’s fairly simple & very responsive. Booking is simple, they provide 3 types of booking classes (with varying fares & inclusions). The luggage allowance is generous. They allow a cabin bag up to 8 kg, an extra bag (laptop bag, camera bag etc). They allow a check-in luggage up to 23 kg.

Their mobile application is also very good. You can rely on it for an advanced check-in.

Staff of SAS

SAS has a really good staff. On my flight from Kiruna, Sweden to Stockholm, Sweden, they treated everyone real nice. The ever-smiling staff will get you juice, tea, chocolates & coffee during the flight.If you get bored, ask them for a magazine or a book, they’ll try getting it for you.

Aircraft & Seat Quality

All the aircraft of SAS are in the best condition. The aircraft in which I was traveling looked very new. Seats are comfortable, as usual, try finding emergency exit seats to maximise your comfort. General view from the flight is always pleasant when you’re in Scandinavia, so sit back, relax & enjoy the view.

Food & Entertainment

SAS doesn’t offer free food on flights inside Europe. Tea, coffee, juice & other non-alcoholic bevrages are for free though. Their menu is good & prices are very reasonable. There’s no entertainment available on flights inside Europe. There are some magazines which you can go through. Your best entertainment has to be the landscape outside the window.

Tip: Scandinavian Airlines is famous for its cheap rates across Scandinavia, but you need to be well planned for that. If you get a ticket in SAS Go category, you’re sorted.

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