5 Reasons Why A Road Trip Around Australia Is on My Bucket list

5 Reasons Why A Road Trip Around Australia Is on My Bucket list

The question I most often get asked is, “Where are you heading next?” And I’d be wrong to deny that each trip sets the bar higher in terms of my expectations and plans from my next trip. My last major trip was a road trip across the breath taking locales of Iceland. What can possibly beat that? AUSTRALIA!

After my extensive road trip across Iceland, earlier this year, I am all pumped up to explore more destinations by driving around. So, the next destination on my bucket list is an Australia. Australia is one of those popular travel destinations in the world which is happening yet not very clichéd. An Australian road trip sounds like the perfect plan to me with all that’s there to explore. There are so many Australia tours to explore, it’s actually not very easy to choose because everything is amazing!

While I have been considering a lot of to-do lists, I also did my fair bit of research for the road trip and I am already sold! Here’s listing 5 reasons why I think an Australian Road Trip is the perfect plan for your next road trip.

1. Australian Landscapes


Australia is a huge country. It is the 6th largest country in the world! The diversity of landscapes in Australia is also mesmerizing. From deserts, coastal roads, beaches, mountains to major cities, sleepy towns, Australia has a lot to offer to travelers.

Drive to Uluru, drive on the coastal roads, stay in one of the small towns on the way & enjoy the diverse landscapes of Australia and there couldn’t be a better way to explore this region than by road. But a road trip means a lot of things to consider, starting with roads.

Which brings us to the next point.

2. Australian Roads

Flinders View from the rise

One of the most important aspects while taking a road trip in mind has to be the roads of the country. I drove around 4000 kms across Iceland in 18 days, which was an average of 300kms daily in about 4-5 hours. It was the wonderful infrastructure that made my trip look like a cake walk instead of tedious.

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world. The quality of infrastructure is superior compared to most of the countries in the world and that gives me a feeling that it would be equally or even more pleasant to drive around this country.

I have already noted marked some roads which could turn out to be my favorites in Australia. Eg: Eyre Highway, it is one of the sealed roads in Australia. Perhaps the longest straight road in the world, a section of Eyre Highway between Balladonia & Caiguna is also known as 90 Mile Straight (146 km). Also, the coastal roads like Pacific Coast, The Great Ocean Road & the Coral Coast have some excellent roads with matching backdrop. It would be quite an experience to drive past these stunning roads.

3. Good & Disciplined Locals

Australian Road Trip

Another very important for a road trip is the local rules and adherence to them by the local people. Reckless drivers are usually the biggest nuisance on the road across the globe. Many countries in the world are facing this problem & hence it is not advisable to drive in those countries.

Fortunately, from what I have heard, Aussies are amazing drivers with good road discipline and ethics. It’s rare to find drunk drivers, driving recklessly on Australian roads. This explains why there are fewer accidents & injuries related to the road. Well, that makes the whole experience pleasant and relieving at once.

4. Distances Between Cities of Australia

'Night Life' Australia, Melbourne, Skyline at Night

Generally, it is always advisable to take road trips between cities when the distance between them is relatively longer. If the distance is shorter, it doesn’t make sense to rent a car & drive around. If the distance is too large, and if you are not that fond of driving, it is not advisable to rent a car.

Australia is a superb place to take road trips obviously! The cities are perfectly distanced & the sights are also very well placed.

I am a firm believer of the fact that road trips introduce the most unexplored aspects of any destination. They are most likely to introduce you to the little surprises, secret spots and picturesque locations that most guides and to-do lists are likely to miss out on!

5. Amazing Cars at Good Rates

Da Car

Finally, it comes down to one thing – Pricing. If you are not taking a road trip in Australia, you will have to fly between cities. That generally becomes expensive. If you are 2 or more people, a rental car is the best & the most economical option.

You can check out the prices of car rentals on websites like KAYAK beforehand. Once you know the price, it becomes easier to plan & finally take that most-awaited road trip around Australia.

If you think of it, Australia sounds like the most tailor-made destination for a road trip. It’s refreshing and comes with the immense freedom to explore a variety of aspects like landscapes, local food, wineries, etc. which give you an interesting insight into the local culture.

On the list of many pros, a road trip promises privacy, lack of interruptions or intrusions by fellow tourists and is a perfect recipe for a great holiday! The perfect setting is only best excuse to take your next road trip. And I seem to have found my calling in Australia!

Let’s hope that the universe is conspiring to tick this off my list as well!

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