Renfe: The Best Way To Get Around Spain

Renfe: The Best Way To See Spain

Renfe is the Spanish state-owned train company. Traveling by Renfe trains is indeed the best way to travel between Spanish cities. Exploring Spain becomes a lot better with these high-speed trains.

My review is based on these following routes:

1. Barcelona – Madrid
2. Madrid – Seville


Compared to other countries of Western Europe, Spain’s Renfe’s tickets are cheap. It becomes even cheaper if you buy the Spain Pass. Check out the details here.

Remember, even if you have a pass, Renfe requires compulsory seat reservations. You’ll need to reserve your seats in advance. Look for Renfe’s lounge on train station & book in advance from there. Normal ticket windows do not issue advance reservation & people there are most likely to speak only Spanish.

Punctuality of Renfe

Renfe trains are epitome of punctuality. They start on the given time & arrive at its destination on the mentioned time. Not a minute more or not a minute less.

Make sure you reach the train station at least an hour before your departure. You will have to go through security check, your tickets, reservations & rail pass will be checked thoroughly & then you will be able to go to the platform.


The second class of Renfe trains is better than most of the first class compartments of many European trains. Ample legroom is provided even in the second class. The first class seats are more comfortable with even more legroom & extra comfy seats. But if you do not want to pay extra for that extra leg space, opt for the second class.


Usually the high-speed Renfe trains run at every 2 hours from major cities. But it’s always better to check before. You can always catch the next train, but you will have to reserve your seat again by paying a small fee.

Download & plan your trips with Rail Europe’s My Train Companion app hereiOS | Android


All trains are equipped with restaurants inside the train. There’s some really good food available. The view from the restaurant coach is usually better than the normal coach but that comes with a price.

Toilets are clean & spacious. There’s a separate toilet for specially-abled people. Some coaches also offer free Wi-Fi service.

Luggage Space

There’s enough luggage space inside every coach. You can choose to keep your luggage on th eeither sides of the coach or in the space provided in the middle of the coach. Small bags can be fit in the overhead luggage space as well.

Book your Renfe tickets from Rail Europe.

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