Qatar Airways Review: An Outstanding Experience In The Sky

Qatar Airways Review: An Outstanding Experience In The Sky

Qatar Airways is one of the leading international airlines. It flies to over 150 destinations around the world & offers more or less the same price throughout the year. Is it better than it’s competitors? Let’s find out:

Check-in & Luggage Allowance

Qatar Airways is one of the most lenient airlines in terms of luggage. You can take 30kg as your check-in luggage, 7kg as a cabin luggage & one extra cabin bag (Laptop, ladies purse, camera bag etc). Qatar spoils us for the rest of our trip since other domestic airlines allow 20kg & sometimes only 15kg. Check-in process is quick & comfortable. You can check-in directly through their app or the website as well.

Staff of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has a well-trained staff. People who sit at the check-in counters are really helpful, their cabin crew is warm, friendly & really caring. You need something? They’ll do everything to get it for you. Be it a pillow, blanket, chocolates, drinks, food, headphones, tissues, books to read & the possibilities are endless! Full marks to the staff.

Seat Quality

Economy class of Qatar Airways is comfortable. If you somehow manage to get a seat near any of the emergency exits, it will be like sitting in premium class at economy’s price. Except seats near emergency exits, others can recline & have enough leg space.


Airline food is usually not tasty at all. Qatar Airways is partially true for that. While the food isn’t very tasty, it’s filling. They give about 9-12 choices about food at the time of your booking itself. Out of 10 items they provide, you will love 3-4 things & pass other things. But don’t worry, you won’t be kept hungry. Chocolates like Mars, Bounty & Trix are at your disposal whenever you want. Apart from chocolates, packets of chips (Lays mostly) & juices are also unlimited. Ask for it whenever you feel hungry.


The best part about the entire flight. When your flight is 8 hours long, you really want a good entertainment system around. Qatar Airways has a huge movie collection. Hollywood, Bollywood, regional cinema, world cinema, they have movies from every corner of the world. Just plug in their headphones, which are equally good in quality, push your seat back & enjoy your flight.

Tip: Sometimes emergency exit seats are shown as not available while booking. When you are boarding your flight, talk to the cabin crew, stay friendly to them & request them to change your regular seat to the emergency exit seat. If it’s available in the flight, they’ll happily give it to you. Just stay. Friendly.

Picture Credits: PRNewsWire

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