Product Review – Adata HD720 External Hard Drive

Adata HD720 Product #DrivingInnovation

Being an avid traveler, I’m also a freelancer. Having portable devices can be tedious with their maintenance, especially while travelling. Quite recently, the Taiwan Excellence sent over their award winning product Adata HD720. I think it is a great example of #DrivingInnovation for travelers like me.


For me, safety of an external hard disk is of utmost importance. I don’t want even a fraction of my data to get lost. Adata HD720 does a brilliant job at protecting the data.

It’s got a 3 layered protection. First, the hard drive is protected by cushioned mounting from both sides. Second, a hard plastic structure resists shocks & protects the hard drive. Third, and the most important one, the rich silicone layer absorbs most of the shocks & falls. This special silicone layer is colorful which makes it quite stylish.

Design of Adata

Adata HD720 looks smart. It is beyond looks because it is dustproof, waterproof & shockproof. That means, nothing can destroy your data when it is in this hard drive.

With a single display & 2 colors of light, this hard drive makes it very easy to: see if the power is on, if the data is being transferred, if there is some error in the hard disk or if the hard disk is in a shock state.

The stylish cable holder around the hard drive makes sure that you never lose the USB cable again.


Adata HD720 comes in 3 capacities – 500 GB, 1 TB & 2 TB.


Almost all the external hard drives fall in the same price range. But when it comes to features, Adata HD720 takes the cake. By pricing it perfectly & loaded with safety & design features, Adata’s award winning hard drive is the best candidate for external hard drives.

Adata HD720 Product #DrivingInnovation


Adata HD720 is a real good buy at the given cost & features. If you are looking for a bankable option, this is THE hard drive you should buy.

I’d like to thank Taiwan Excellence for letting me try this product.

Taiwan Excellence will be participating in the 25th India Convergence Expo, 2017 from the 8th-10th February, 2017 in New Delhi.

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