Port Dickson Travel Guide

Port Dickson Travel Guide

Port Dickson may be a lesser known tourist destination in Malaysia, but it is loaded with a tourist attraction. Located about an hour from the KL airport, it makes for a very convenient destination too! It indeed is a great alternative for all those looking for a great beach holiday, once they have explored Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty of fantastic attractions to keep you busy. The best part is that one can get some great hotel booking deals and come back with great memories. Port Dickson is immensely popular with the locals, the tourists, and foreign expats. The area certainly makes for a short relaxing break away from the madness of the cities. The coastline is lovely, and there are lots to do and explore here.

Where to stay in Port Dickson

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Port Dickson hotels and resorts are a mixed bunch. And it is indeed good as the place lyres all kind of visitors. They could be high-end business travelers or young couples or families. Many of them are looking for an affordable and comfortable stay. Browse and book grand lexis port Dickson online to get the best deals ever for your stay in Port Dickson. It is easy to identify hotels with character and charm and who offer you good value for money. Some popular options for those with a bigger budget are Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Glory Beach Resort and Le Paris Hotel and Costa Rica Apartments. You can enjoy the top amenities and facilities here with great views of the sea. Golden Straits Villas Beach Resort is simply great for budget travelers, families, large groups.

What to see in Port Dickson

Port Dickson Ostrich Farm

Start your holiday in Port Dickson with a trip to the museum for the Malaysian Army. Explore the two sides to the museum; one covers the military history and the other showcases the old military hardware. Climb on the armored cars and helicopters for a more engaging experience. Another point of attraction is the Ostrich farm, where Ostriches are the stars of the show. Kids love to go there. There are other animals too such as rabbits, donkeys, goats, fish and guinea pigs. Yun Loon Chinese Temple is a colorful temple that lies towards the south of Port Dickson. Its small pond and garden with lots of turtles are a big attraction for all. Another must-see is the Alive 3D Art Gallery, which boasts of around 50 3D/isometric art murals and paintings.

Where to eat in Port Dickson

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The semi-tropical paradise is indeed popular with locals and tourists alike, and not just because of the beaches, but also because of food that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! There’s plenty to eat here, and this is the right spot to begin your gastronomic adventure. The Hainanese chicken rice at Medan Selera Bandar is immensely popular. Another dish that can be addictive is yee mee which is a combination of salty flavors and tender textures. Lucky King Bun bakery is well known for its gigantic buns served with chicken curry. Some other popular dishes include the delicious nasi kerabu and the tantalizing ‘La Zha Mee.’

Where to shop in in Port Dickson

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The small quaint town of Port Dickson is well known for its markets and shopping areas. There are plenty of makeshift stalls along its stretches of beach that can keep you busy for hours. You buy everything from beachwear to fresh produce and refreshing beverages here. Shop on Saturdays at Souvenir Sanctuary for fashionable clothes and vintage shoes. Teluk Kemang is famous for locally crafted traditional handbags and sandals as well as fabrics and kites for kids.

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