Plus Prague Hostel: The Hippest Hostel of Prague

Plus Prague Hostel: The Hippest Hostel of Prague

Plus Prague Hostel is an amazing budget hostel located in Prague.


From the main station of Prague – Prague Hlvani Nadrazi, Plus Prague Hostel is about 4 km away. But it’s totally cool since there are very good metro & tram connections near the hostel.

You can take a 30 minutes all transportation ticket, take the line going towards Letnany, get down at Nadrazi Holesovice (3rd station). From just outside the station, you can either take the tram & get down at the next stop (Ortenovo Namesti) or just walk to the hostel. It’s about 10 mins walk from the Nadrazi Holesovice station.

It’s in a quiet neighbourhood but once you enter the hostel, it looks like the real party is happening HERE!


This is one of the best things about the hostel. The staff here is really helpful & knowledgable. They are patient, and will answer every query of yours peacefully. They try to accommodate all kind of requests & help you in all way they can.

Plus Prague Hostel let me keep our luggage for 2 days in their luggage room without any charge & I can’t thank them enough for it.

Sleep Quality

Rooms are really cosy & nicely spaced. I didn’t feel claustrophobic in any of their rooms. The beds are soft, comfortable & they provide you with bedsheets & pillow covers so no need to bring yours.

Kitchen Facility

Unfortunately, Plus Prague Hostel doesn’t have a shared kitchen. They do have an amazing restaurant & bar with indoor & outdoor sitting. It makes up for the lack of kitchen. Food in the restaurant, drinks at the bar are cheap so no need to worry about that.

Apart from the restaurant, there are a lot of vending machines inside the hostel. Fresh orange juice machine, soft drinks machine, snacks machine & I don’t know how many others! But yeah, this is the place where you won’t sleep empty stomach.

Other Amenities

The best part about Plus Prague Hostel is that they offer so many other activities that other hostels do not. They have a Swimming pool, Sauna, beach volleyball, outdoor sittings, amazing lobby & a huge ground. You won’t feel like going out of the hostel.

They do offer laundry services, parking etc. for a fee. Additionally you can buy transport tickets from the reception & book a lot of tours & activities directly from the hostel.


Plus Prague Hostel was the coolest hostel I’ve ever been to & I recommend this hip place to everyone going to Prague.

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