Penzion Tasner: Litomysl’s Pretty Guesthouse

Penzion Tasner: Litomysl's Pretty Guesthouse

Penzion Tasner is a small, pretty guesthouse in the beautiful town of Litomysl, Czech Republic.


Penzion Tasner is located in a peaceful area of Litomysl. It’s just 1 km away from the Town Square & roughly 2 km away from the train station. The castle of Litomysl is also just 1 km away from the property. The location is ideal for a stay.

If you have a lot of luggage, make sure you take a taxi or something.


Since this is a guesthouse, there is no staff. The owner personally comes & welcomes you. He doesn’t speak English well but you can manage with signs & gestures. He has a Vinoteka (Wine shop) in the town itself. The owner takes a very good care of the guesthouse & really sweet.

Sleep Quality

Penzion Tasner is a very well maintained guesthouse. Beds are really comfortable. You can indeed sleep peacefully in this house & rest well.

The rooms & beds are very simply made.

Kitchen Facility

The kitchen is small in size but big on usability. There are all possible utensils present in the kitchen. There is a microwave oven, refrigerator & many other things.

There are no supermarkets nearby so while coming back from the town, get the necessary items to cook at the guesthouse.

Other Amenities

The living room is really beautiful. There aren’t many other facilities though. There is a satellite TV but I don’t think you should watch TV in Litomysl. There is also a Barbecue facility available. It’s a nice set up & if you really like Barbecue, you should try it.

The building is in a very good condition as well.


Penzion Tasner is a wonderful little guesthouse. The owner really makes the visit worth the price. Go for it!

Picture Credits: Via Michelin

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