NetCom: Review Of The Best Norwegian SIM Card For Travelers

NetCom: Best Norwegian SIM Card For Travelers

Norway has a lot of cellular networks which offer good prepaid plans. The best one, however, is NetCom. If you are a traveler visiting the country for 1-2 weeks, NetCom has great data plans.

How much does NetCom cost?

The one-time fee for a prepaid SIM card is NOK 299 which includes talk time, some free SMS & 1 GB data on 4G speed. It’s valid for one week, so if you are planning to stay in Norway for more than a week, extend it for a small fee. You can also get data vouchers for NOK 100 & NOK 200 for (1 GB & 2 GB respectively).


NetCom has the most extensive network throughout Norway. Whether you are in Oslo (the capital city) or at the Europe’s Northernmost point, you will get a 4G network everywhere. I loved the voice quality of NetCom & the best part is that you get network in the remotest regions of Norway. Connectivity at its best.


NetCom’s speed is the best among its Norwegian counterparts but if compared to other country’s data speed, its still a little slow. Nonetheless, if you are going from India, you will love the speed. Use Periscope, SnapChat or anything else, the speed will never come down.

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Apart from being Norway’s best cellular network, good thing about the prepaid card is you can get recharge vouchers anywhere. You will get NetCom shops in almost all city centers & malls. You can also recharge by calling them on their dedicated helpline.


The normal SIM card is valid for a week but you can extend the validity by paying a fee. Data packs are valid for a month, but you will most probably finish 1 GB in less than a week’s time. So the validity doesn’t really matter here.

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