Meet This Young Woman Who Sells Postcards To Travel

Anna & Her Postcards

Have you ever wondered how real our the stories of people who claim to give up on their comforts and figure a path do follow their heart? Do you believe in people who give up their jobs to travel? Because you must. They are real, very very real.

I am re-sharing the story of a girl I met outside the St. Stephen’s Church in Vienna, Austria. This girl, about my age had set out to travel and was collecting money for the same by selling handmade postcards.

Anna’s Story & Her Postcards

“It’s a beautiful world full of passionate souls. You meet them when you travel and you travel further when you know their stories.

One such passionate soul we met was Anna, from Poland. We saw her sitting outside the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Old Town Vienna. She sat right there, sketching postcards to sell and earn some money to fulfill her dream of traveling to South America.

Of course we meet so many who express the desire to travel but blame their finances for not being able to go. And then there are those, true, honest and passionate about their dreams.

I was super excited to chat with her and contribute to her dream. I think I have an addition to my list of beautiful inspiring people.

Anna's Postcards

Good luck Anna! I hope you get to see South America real soon. Then, I shall wait to see you in India.

You guys too can help Anna by connecting with her through her FB page- or by simply dropping her an email at

For more inspiration from Vienna, read here.

Anna is still travelling around Europe, selling postcards and saving money for her South American dream. I hope she gets there soon!

And for those of you reading, don’t forget to spare some money for those you meet on the way like this. Your money can be a lot more valuable when supporting someone’s dream.

On a serious note, would you dare to attempt something like this?

Would you leave your comforts to chase your dreams?

If you have similar stories to share, share them in the comments below!

Anna's Postcards'

I live in the movies (in my parallel world). I travel in search of stories. So I explore- experience- express my trysts with people, places, food, culture and their stories!

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  1.'Parnashree Devi

    Such a inspiring story. The passion of travel and skill are merging here and its such a great way of living one’s dream. Thanks for sharing this story.

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