McSleep Hostel: Friendly Hostel, Friendly People

McSleep Hostel: Friendly Hostel, Friendly People

McSleep Hostel is located in the central area of Prague. The owner, the staff & the people who were staying there were the friendliest people I’ve met on my current trip!


One of the best things about McSleep hostel is indeed its location. The hostel is located very centrally. 10-15 mins walk away from most of the attractions. The transport connections (Tram, Bus, Train, Metro) are equally good.

From the central station (Prague H. N.), it’s just one metro station & 5 mins walk away.


The staff of McSleep Hostel makes you feel like you’re home with family. They will do anything to help you. They are up for a small talk as well (if they are not busy that is). I interacted with Ulvi & Sava. They both were friendly, helpful & knowledgable.

The owner – Marek Banka gives personal attention to the hostel & that’s what make McSleep Hostel like home. Marek is very friendly as well & always up for new discussions.

Sleep Quality

The rooms of McSleep Hostel are spacious, clean & comfortable. The beds are nice, they provide you with bedsheets, towels, pillow covers & blankets. You don’t have to worry about anything!

Every bed has 3 sockets to charge electronics which is really good considering all travelers have a lot of gadgets. There are personal lockers for every traveler in the room.

Kitchen Facility

Hands down the best kitchen I’ve ever been to while on a trip. The kitchen is stocked with all kind of utensils. You can use free tea, coffee, hot chocolates sachets. You can also use biscuits, sugar, salt & other necessary ingredients without paying for anything.

If you feel like giving something back, you can keep some food in their free food section or drop some money in their box so that future travelers can avail of the same facility.

Other Amenities

McSleep Hostel has laundry facility. You can use their washing machine & the dryer.

They provide toiletries as well, so you don’t have to worry about carrying shampoo or body wash. Their toilets are squeaky clean & bathrooms are spacious.

Other than these, you can play Netflix in their living room with other people or just chitchat with other travelers. At night, many travelers play games, get into music sessions or simply eat together. This gives McSleep Hostel a very homely feeling.

The WiFi is great & Oh! You also get free drinks if you behave nicely. 😉


There are many hostels in Prague but none of them might have this kind of homely touch to it. McSleep Hostel is deliberately kept small in size (around 20 beds) to encourage interaction between people.

If you want a budget hostel with friendly people or a hostel with very nice location or simply just looking to meet some like-minded people, head to McSleep Hostel. They are awesome.

Picture Credits: McSleep Hostel

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