Marken Guesthouse: Pretty Hostel of Bergen

Marken Guesthouse: Pretty Hostel of Bergen

Marken Gjestehus is easily one of the prettiest hostel in Bergen. There are a lot of advantages & some minute negatives about this place.


Marken Gjestehus is only 5 minutes walking from Bergen train station. It takes only 10 minutes to walk up to the bus station from where you can get buses to the airport as well. Most of the attractions of Bergen – Bryggen, Floyen, Fish Market, Harbour etc. are just 5-10 minutes walking from the Guesthouse. So it’s a win-win for travellers. (PS. If you are not going to go the aquarium of Bergen city, don’t take the Bergen pass & stay in Marken Gjestehus. You’ll save a lot of money on transportation)


Usually there are certain people available to help you, most of the times, there will be only the receptionist. Staff at reception is really friendly & cheerful. They present you with a map every time you ask for directions or recommendations. Full marks for Marken Gjestehus’s employees.

Sleep Quality

The beds are nice & comfortable. The only negative point about its beds is that some of its bunk beds are noisy & shaky. If one of the person moves too much during sleep, it makes the whole bed shake.

Update: We received a message from the team of Marken Gjestehus that they are in the process of changing old beds. YAY!

Kitchen Facilities

The kitchen at Marken Gjestehus is loaded yet it’s quite small if there are 3-4 people cooking. This is the only downside of the kitchen. Other than this, it has almost all kind of utensils in the kitchen. Dining room has an amazing view of Bergen. There are supermarkets nearby from where you can get your groceries. They also have a coffee machine & rates are pretty nominal.

Update: Their kitchen is also having a make-over in coming days. Double YAY!

Other Amenities

Marken Gjestehus’s building looks classy. It’s very old yet strong. The guesthouse, from inside, is loaded with facilities. Perfect ambience, lighting, long lobbies, spacious dining hall & great kitchen. You’ll find everything here. It looks no less than a 5-Star hotel. Also, the view from its rooms & the dining hall is lovely.


With some minor negatives, Marken Gjestehus can be a near perfect accommodation option because of its proximity to prominent sights of Bergen & train station.

Tip: They do sell Bergen Travel Cards from the reception. But if you’re sticking to the standard sights, don’t waste your money on the travel card.

Picture Credits: VisitNorway

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