Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens, Kiruna: Isolated & Peaceful

Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens, Kiruna: Isolated & Peaceful

Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens in Kiruna is where I spent 2 nights. It’s more like a hotel because it’s got single rooms & double rooms only. But it also has elements like shared kitchens, shared bathrooms & shared sauna.


Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens is far from the train station as well as the bus terminal. You must get a taxi to reach here. Radio taxis in Sweden are indeed expensive. Plus, the location of this hotel is far from the centre of Kiruna. Hence, if you want to get out for sightseeing, you’ll either need to walk for some 15-20 minutes or book a taxi. It’s located in a quite location so if you’re looking for a peaceful stay, this is your place.


Staff at Malmfaltens is very polite & good. They will guide you through every amenity of the hotel nicely. If you have to get out, they’ll provide with maps as well. Very warm staff overall.

Sleep Quality

The rooms are well decorated & lit. Even though they are small in size, they don’t feel small. There’s a television, attached toilet & a study table provided in each of its room. The bed is really comfortable & cozy. Waking up to snowy Kiruna was one of the best experiences in life.

Kitchen Facilities

Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens has 2 kitchens for guests. One is a small kitchen with only one cooking line & a dining table which is near the rooms. Second is in the basement which has got 4 cooking lines, 4 big fridges and many more equipment. Honestly, they are more than equipped. Reception do sell some of the basic stuff but you’ll need more ingredients.

Other Amenities

There are many free amenities like Laundry, indoor games & brilliant kitchen facilities. The supermarket is far from the property (10 mins walk) so get your stuff in one go.


Malmfaltens Logi & Konferens is a good choice for peaceful stay. It’s not a good choice for sightseeing OR if you want to see Northern Lights. It’s difficult to experience Aurora from there since there are is much light pollution around.

Picture Credits: Svenska Turistföreningen

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