IndiGo Airlines: The Best Budget Airline of India

IndiGo Airlines: The Best Budget Airline of India

IndiGo Airlines is one of the budget airlines in India. Compared to the other domestic budget players, IndiGo is definitely the best airline. We have frequently traveled via IndiGo domestically & internationally. IndiGo connects many Indian destinations & some of the neighboring countries like Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Oman, UAE, etc.

Check-in & Luggage Allowance

IndiGo’s check-in process is quite simple. If you are opting for online check-in, their mobile app & mobile site are seamless & much better than other airlines’ apps. Like other airlines, the cabin luggage allowance is 7 KG. Domestic check-in baggage allowance is 15 KG & for international flights, it is 20 or 30 KG depending on the destination. For a lower price bracket, I think the allowance is good enough.

Staff of IndiGo

Usually, you can’t interact much with staff on domestic flights because of the short flight durations. IndiGo Airline’s staff is quite friendly, courteous & professional. Their check-in baggage’s line moves quickly at airports which means their staff is more efficient than other domestic airlines

Aircraft & Seat Quality

This might be the best thing about IndiGo Airlines. Their aircraft are well-maintained & the fleet is one of the youngest in the world. When you have a window seat, you want the window to be clean & without scratches for good pictures & IndiGo offers exactly that. Their seats are quite comfortable with reasonably good legroom. Aircrafts’ cleanliness is something for which we should laud IndiGo.

Food & Entertainment

Are you hungry? No free food for you on IndiGo. Like other budget airlines, the only free thing on-board is water. They have a nice variety of food items on their menu though, you can either buy it on-board or book it in advance. On domestic flights, alcohol is banned but on international flights, alcohol can be purchased as well.

As for entertainment, you get in-flight magazines to pass time & that’s it. No in-flight entertainment systems are available. It’d be good to have some more options though!


Indigo Airlines is definitely the best budget airline of India & none of the other airlines are matching the standard of IndiGo.

Tip: Keep checking IndiGo’s app or website since they have special offers going on almost every month. If you plan your trip well in advance, you can save a lot of money while traveling by IndiGo Airlines.

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