Gaming Time At SEGA Republic, Dubai

SEGA Republic

In a city full of malls, do people do nothing but shop? Obviously not, they do cooler things by staying away from the sun inside the mall. The next experience in Dubai after Ice-Skating and Exploring the aquatic life had to be more happening, enough to give me an adrenaline rush!

So what would that experience be?
15 crazy rides and endless games! Good enough?
SEGA Republic was the perfect break for my 9 year old brother and myself!
If you thought that it isn’t possible to have fun rides & crazy rollercoasters inside a mall, then you’d be wrong! I was. At the first sight, I was blown by the enormity of SEGA Republic from the inside. We were mentally prepped for a lot of video games, but there were also some thrilling rides!
On the first ride, my brother accompanied me and was scared enough to let me do the second ride all by myself! (SEE THIS MAD VIDEO)

I sure needed some Air Hockey break, while my brother took up to one of the many car games at SEGA. After tricking him to joining me on a proper roller coaster ride, it was time for both of us to chicken out while going down this GIANT GIANT SLIDER IN A SACK!
So we went Racing, and into the Wild West only to finish with the Rope Rush! A Rope climbing game which got even scarier with the height.
Now did we make it? Or will you?
I think any great trip to a city is totally incomplete without exploring the gaming scenes and the amusement parks in the city. Especially if it’s a city as awesome as Dubai, with over a dozen amusement parks with the best of technology and concepts and even more getting ready!
For that you need to check out this great indoor amusement park by Emaar Entertainment. With their packages offering a bang for your buck, you could leave all that shopping & stay here to enjoy yourself!

SEGA Republic, Dubai

Timings: 10:00 AM- 01:00 AM

Tickets: 150AED onwards



1.    Book your session/ buy your tickets online (offline tickets are available, but advance bookings are preferred)

2.    Start with the adventure rides and balance it with some games in between


–  To allot sufficient time at SEGA Republic

–  There’s something for every age group!

–  Dress up in a sporty outfit to go for adventure rides

– Order your rides as per preference

– Those under the influence of alcohol, similar substances, strong medication, pregnant women will not be allowed on adventure rides

– Certain rides have a minimum height requirement

For bookings/ details, visit: 

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