Ezi Car Rental – New Zealand’s Best Car Rental Company

Ezi Car Rental - New Zealand's Best Car Rental Company

When you are in New Zealand, a road trip is something that should definitely be on your list. When we were making our itinerary, we were sure that we wanted to take at least 1 road trip. After all the research, we finalized on the road trip segment of this itinerary.

We took a road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown & then back to Christchurch in the span of 5 days. Once we fixed our itinerary, the next thing was to search for a credible & good car rental company. Fortunately, we again picked an amazing car rental company called Ezi Car Rental.

We rented a Toyota RAV4 Automatic (White) from Ezi Car Rental for 5 days & this review is based on its experience.


While researching car rental companies, we always come across companies offering their cars at extremely cheap to insanely expensive prices. The idea is to find a balance between cost & good reviews. Ezi Car Rental was that perfect balance. We got the car at a very good cost & even the reviews online were very favorable.

Cost of Ezi Car Rental

Compared to many car rental companies in New Zealand, Ezi Car Rental is definitely the best one because of their pocket-friendly options & a wide variety of cars ranging from small to luxury ones. They had automatic & manual options as well.

Condition of the car

When we travel, condition of the car is truly something that we look forward to. It is obviously ideal to get a car which is relatively new but we still kept lower expectations.

Condition of Ezi Car Rental

The Toyota RAV4 that we got was so new! We were surprised by the condition of it. Ezi Car Rental exceed our expectations because our car looked like it came straight out of a dealership. It was clean, smelt just right & there were almost no scratches on the car. We were very happy with the condition of the car that we got.


During any road trips, we give a lot more attention to comfort. It is essential because we drive anywhere between 500 to 5000 km on a single road trip & after a point, it starts getting tiresome or uncomfortable if the car isn’t very comfy.


Fortunately, Toyota RAV4 from Ezi Car Rental was just perfect. Enough space for people, enough space for our bags & drivable on all sorts of roads (thanks to its 4×4 + Automatic transmission). Since the car condition was great, its suspensions were amazing as well. We never had to call Ezi’s helpline for any issue because there were none.

Services & Add-ons

Ezi Car Rental isn’t just a car rental company renting cars. They have many other services related to rentals which are not offered by many other car rental companies in New Zealand.

They have many insurance options while renting your car so that you don’t have to cough up more money in case of any unfortunate events. These insurance plans are quite affordable & reduce your liability quite significantly.

They also offer 24×7 roadside assistance during the rental period. Be it mechanical or non-mechanical breakdown, Ezi Car Rental has your back. Most people won’t need to contact them due to their brilliant car qualities.

Ezi Car Rental has its depots in major cities & airports of New Zealand so it is very easy to collect & drop-off the car anywhere in the country. You can also take the Interislander ferry between the North & South Islands of New Zealand in which you can transport your car as well. Should you need to buy the tickets in advance, Ezi will take care of it.

Staff at Ezi Car Rental

We always urge people to read more about the staff because it is one of the most important aspects while renting the car. Your collection process & the staff sitting there can make the beginning of your road trip pleasant or they can spoil it.

The guy sitting at Christchurch airport at Ezi Car Rental’s counter, you are awesome! He actually made us understand all the minute details about the rental so nicely & he was quite warm and friendly. We literally got the entire process done within 15 minutes.

The Reputation

Always do your research about different car rental companies before actually renting from someone. Go to different platforms like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, etc. to know more about any company’s positive & especially, negative reviews.

We did the same with so many rental companies & finally chose Ezi Car Rental because of its online reputation. We are glad that our decision was perfect which made our New Zealand road trip safe and fun.

Book your favorite car from Ezi Car Rental’s official website during your New Zealand trip.

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