Exploring Mizoram: Where Nature Meets Tradition Meets You

Are you looking for an idyllic, languorous, laid back getaway? Here is the right antidote for the city dwellers who are looking for an escape from the hustle-bustle of their busy life – Mizoram.

Mizoram is an amalgamation of beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather throughout the year. It is one of the seven sisters of North East India that features a canopy of greenery which is a sight to behold. Situated at eleven thousand feet above the sea level, the serenity and lush green landscape make Mizoram a picturesque place.

To explore Mizoram to its best, you should choose to explore it by road. Once decided, all you must take care of is the essentials to carry for the trip, list of places to visit in Mizoram and have an active four wheeler insurance policy with you. With rich religious customs and cultural splendor, witness the grandeur of Mizoram that it has up its sleeve.  

Reiek Mountains

Go for a drive along the winding hillside road leading to this beautiful meadow in Mizoram. Covered with wild grasses that are taller than men, these mountains are located at 35kms from Aizawal (capital of Mizoram). Once you drive to the foot of the mountains, you need to climb them up to reach the top and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. You can catch a glimpse of these mystic mountains surrounded by hills and mountainous terrains after a couple of minutes’ drive from Aizawal. On a lucky day, one might also spot a gazing serow or a wild boar on the top of the Reiek mountains.

Tam Dil Lake

One of the busiest tourist spots in Mizoram, this beautiful lake is 6 km away from Saitual. A perfect place to be in the lap of nature, this lake is a must-visit for people who love frolicking in the water. You can reach the lake by driving through a small paved road which meanders through the rolling mountains. It is a 3-hours drive from the capital city. So, you can start early to avoid facing any challenge while driving back.

Salomon’s Temple

Nestled in the corner of the capital city, Salomon’s temple provides excellent scenic views. It is one of its kind church located amidst the forested region towards the western side of Aizawal. It is one of the biggest churches in the state, and it took two decades to complete its construction. Here at the church, you can take a walk through the adjoining gardens or sit and enjoy the serenity of the place.

Pukzing Cave

Home to the greatest cavern of the state of Mizoram, the 25 m wide Pukzing Cave is in the town of Pukzing. It is situated at a 12 km drive from one of the most celebrated towns of the Mamit region, Phuldungsei. As indicated by the legends, the cave is cut out of the slopes by Mualzavata, who was known as a tough man.  The meaning of Mualzavata is a person who could effortlessly clear a hundred ranges of forest in a single day. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

We are already knee-deep into September, and the countdown to winters is about to start soon! Winters are the best time to visit Mizoram and let the lovely landscapes swoon you. Try to avoid traveling during the monsoon season as the rain restricts outdoor activities and adventures.

Stay Safe and Insure Your Car When You Travel By Road

To maximize your travel experience and avoid any hassles while exploring the mountains on your vehicle, you should opt for a car insurance policy from a reputed insurance company like Tata AIG. It comes with a vast number of add-ons and provides your car with enhanced coverage.

So, have the right car insurance policy to tackle any unplanned hassles and enjoy the eye-catching beauty, Mizoram.

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