Explore Česky Krumlov | Little Heavens of Czech Republic

Česky Krumlov is the second most visited town in Czech Republic after it’s capital Prague. This Czech town is synonymous to heaven with it’s beauty, vibe and tourism opportunities. We set out to explore these qualities in the first World Culture Network Originals series.
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To know more about travelling to Cesky Krumlov: https://awaradiaries.com/explore-cesky…

In this series, The Little Heavens Of Czech Republic’ we will explore some lesser known Czech towns with host Meghana Nair. On our quest to explore tourism and culture in this Bohemian country, we travel to some of the prettiest little European towns in Czechia.

Host: Meghana Nair (www.cityslickerweb.com)
DOP: Akash Shah
Editor: Nainesh Dingankar
Music: Ben Sound: Clear day (www.bensound.com)
Produced by: World Culture Network (Productions)

Visit Czech Republic: www.czechtourism.com
České Dráhy: www.cd.cz

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