Emirates Airlines: The Flight Of Luxury

Emirates Airlines: The Flight Of Luxury

Emirates Airlines is one of the biggest aviation brands in Asia and across the globe. Covering more than 1500 destinations in 80 countries, Emirates becomes an easy choice for the customers. Flying Emirates means flying Airbus 380 or Boeing 777, making it a major USP for this Dubai based airline. EA is a full-service airline with a wide range of services and luxuries offered at little/no additional costs.

We took our Economy class round trip tickets with Emirates- BOM-DXB-PRG, and MAD-DXB-BOM, which is a total of 4 flights on the basis of which we are writing this review.

Check-in and Luggage Allowance

Emirates Airlines offers web check-ins on its website and mobile app, 48 hrs. prior to departure. The online check-in procedure is pretty simple and doesn’t take much time. You can update your preference of seats and meals anytime after booking your tickets. Which means even lesser time to check-in online. Once you have selected your seats, you cannot change them. There are no additional costs for seat selection.

Economy class tickets have a 30kg luggage allowance per ticket, which is pretty comfortable for any trip. In any case, if your luggage exceeds the cost you can pay extra at the airport or get a cheaper deal by buying additional luggage allowance on their website.

If you’re traveling in a group, you can have multiple bags with a cumulative weight of the total allowed luggage allowance.

The Staff of Emirates Airlines

The staff and their hospitality stand tall as one of their major USP. Extremely polite, well versed to answer all queries and even better trained to deal with unnecessary demands or drunken passengers. The Emirates Airlines staff strictly goes by the rulebook but ensures customer’s comfort simultaneously.

The in-flight staff and the check-in staff are the most well-trained lot. They are quick and responsive to the situation. Brownie points for the smooth landing and ability to deal with air turbulences.

Aircraft and Seat Quality

Like I mentioned, flying Emirates usually means flying in the Airbus 380 or a Boeing 777. The aircrafts are literally big and spacious. The aisles are wider and the seats are wider as well with a great capacity to tilt. There is enough leg space even on a regular seat. The cabins are slightly bigger, ensuring multiple bags fit in well.

Every seat is provided with a pair of headphones, blankets, and pillows.

A complete win-win for longer flights!

Food and Entertainment

Emirates Airline has one of the best on-board menus, which also taste well. Every meal is a full spread with a soft beverage, hot beverage, bread, spreads, salads, fruits, yogurts/deserts, and the mains. Which basically means that you can never go hungry while flying Emirates!

They also have a wide range of juices and alcohols, each served generously.

As for entertainment, there is a wide range of global entertainment programs and films for in-flight entertainment. Only, some films had Arabic subtitles instead of English making it difficult to watch.

Considering the overall experience, we’d definitely recommend flying Emirates to any possible destination. An Emirates Ticket is a complete value for money with its all-inclusive services. Even flying Economy is as good as flying the best of luxury!

Book your tickets and fly with Emirates Airlines.

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  1. youtheworldwandering@outlook.com.au'Kristie Murray

    I’ve never flown with Emirates but would absolutely love to!! They surely are big planes indeed! And the 30kg baggage is another plus! Thanks for the great review 🙂

    Kristie x

  2. Parichay Mehta

    Hey Kristie, thank you for visiting our blog. Yes, Emirates is highly recommended for long flights as their service is really good. 🙂

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