Day Trip From Split To Hvar

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How to get from Split to Hvar

The route between Split and Hvar is a popular one, and many local travelers and tourists travel from Split to the ever-popular Hvar Town. With constant improvements in the timings of catamarans, there are more morning sailings from the mainland to the island. The trip takes about an hour, and there are various options to get to Hvar from Split.

While there is a wealth of things to see, do and explore in Split, it is a popular getaway to other islands, and Havar is one of the most popular among the tourists visiting the Dalmatian coast. This is why there is an excellent demand for ferry and catamaran from the city’s busy ports. One can take a ferry or one can take a bus from Split to Hvar, but ferries are more popular.

The port from where you can take a ferry is just a short distance away from Split Airport. And if you want to relax before you travel, you can do so as the nearby beach with a bar and restaurant. Thus, this is a very convenient spot to spend some time as you wait for your ferry or flight. One can also take the ferry direct from the airport or can wait at the Split port to get a connecting ferry to the Islands.

The easiest and the most convenient way to reach Hvar depends on the direction you are coming from and the kind of transport you prefer. You need to reach Split by car, bus or train and from there you can take a ferry or catamaran to Hvar. If you are flying, the closest local and international airports to Hvar are Split, Brac and Dubrovnik. However, there are international ferry lines along the coast that stop at Hvar.

The ferry trip

When you sail from Split to Hvar, it will take about -1.5 hours to reach from the ferry terminal in Split to the ferry terminal in Hvar. Book away is an ideal transportation booking platform to book your ferry from Split to Hvar. The catamaran-style ferry is indeed very spacious and with comfortable seats.

Keep in mind that once the tickets are issued, they are non-refundable, but one is allowed to make any modifications and manage their booking 48 before the scheduled departure.  There are daily scheduled ferries to and from Hvar, and one can pick a time and trip based on their convenience.

While reaching from Split to Hvar is quite easy, a common issue is matching the Catamaran schedule to your itinerary. This is because the Catamarans run on a schedule based on the needs of the local people. Several companies operate the ferries, and Catamarans routes between Split and Hvar and one of the most reputed names that you can trust on is Bookaway. As there is a huge rush for the Catamarans during the summer, it is advisable to make your bookings very early on.

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Getting around in Hvar

Once you reach Hvar, you can explore the island and do a bit of travelling to enjoy the place. One of the most hassle-free ways to move around is a car, or one can even hire a scooter or even a bicycle to keep the costs down. Alternatively, there are plenty of buses that run between the towns on Hvar. Just browse for the different schedules bus routes to and from Hvar Town and one can explore the nearby island that is simply wonderful. Hvar Town itself is well famous for its vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions. Just make your booking well in advance so that you have a secure seat on Split to Hvar route.


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