These Are The Countries We Are Traveling To In 2018

These Are The Countries We Are Traveling To In 2018


There are a lot of articles & quizzes floating on the internet right now to check “where will you travel in 2018?” or “what are the best places to travel in 2018?”

Luckily, we don’t need to take any quiz or go through any listicle to figure out our 2018’s plan.

Here are the list of countries (and cities) that we will be traveling.

1st January, 2018 to 28th February, 2018

1. Germany

Germany Flag

Ah! The beautiful country mostly famous for beers, castles & people. We have waited enough to visit Germany & now is our time. Brandenburg Gate of Berlin, Perfume making in Cologne & Neuschwanstein Castle (OMG) are calling us & we can’t wait to share these experiences with you!

Cities: Berlin, Cologne, Munich

2. Belgium

Belgium Flag

Belgium is definitely one of the most underrated countries compared to its neighbors but not for us. From Belgian Chocolates to Beer pipeline, from the hustle bustle of Brussels to quaint streets of Bruges & Ghent, we are all set to explore Belgium in 2018!

Cities: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent

3. The Netherlands

The Netherlands Flag

When we read about The Netherlands, we automatically think about Amsterdam only. But we are visiting an interesting town in this country of windmills which will blow your mind. Obviously, we are visiting the famous (and the infamous) Amsterdam as well.

Cities: Amsterdam, Giethoorn

4. France

France Flag

Bonjour! That’s how much French we know but we promise to learn more phrases & update this paragraph with more French words once we come back. We are visiting the best of Paris & will be bringing some of the best culinary & artistic experiences for you from France.

City: Paris

5. Luxembourg

Luxembourg Flag

Why don’t we read enough about Luxembourg on travel blogs? In our goal to explore more unexplored places, we are spending some time in Luxembourg as well. We are as curious as you are! 😉

City: Luxembourg (The capital)

6. Switzerland

Switzerland Flag

Cheese, Chocolates, Mountains, Snow & Shah Rukh Khan – That’s Switzerland in a nutshell for most of us. We do want to go beyond these generalizations & explore more of Switzerland. Let’s see what’s there for us in the Swiss store!

Cities? Regions? Places? ALL OF IT!

7. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Flag

Liechtenstein is one of the least visited places in the world & we can’t understand why. We are visiting Liechtenstein & its capital Vaduz to get some of the hidden gems of Europe to you. Wait for it! 😉

City: Vaduz

8. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Flag

One of our all-time favorite countries has to be Czech Republic. After creating a special show on Little Heavens of Czech Republic last year, we want to explore more of Prague this time. And of course, there’s a day reserved for The Bohemian Switzerland! \m/

City: Prague

9. Austria

Austria Flag

Another beautiful country from our previous trip is Austria. This royal nation demands another visit & we can’t refuse it! Vienna in winter is one of the bucket list items that’s going to be ticked off in 2018.

City: Vienna

10. Italy

Italy Flag

Mamma mia! Italy is definitely the highlight of this trip as we will be spending 12 days in Italy this time. History, Food, Music, People, Assassin’s Creed, and there’s so much more that we want to capture through our lenses & bring back only to relive it again.

Cities: Venice, Florence, Pisa, Naples, Rome

11. San Marino

San Marino Flag

We have seen so many people visiting Italy but not visiting this another country inside Italy – San Marino. We are visiting San Marino this year to learn more about this tiny nation’s history & to get a souvenir stamp on our passport.

City: San Marino

12. Vatican City

Vatican City Flag

“If you are going to Rome, you will obviously go to Vatican City. Duh!” Yeah, but Vatican City is a sovereign nation & we are visiting it, so yay!

City: Vatican City

13. Spain

Spain Flag

Once a year, visit Spain. That’s what we read somewhere in Spain last year & we are following their advice. After spending 9 days in Spain last year, we are going back to Spain for a week this year, because who misses Spain in winter, eh?

Cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo

14. Andorra

Andorra Flag

We are going to Andorra because we couldn’t go last time & we are so fascinated by this country. We have heard Andorra is at its best in winter, which makes this the perfect time to visit this tiny nation.

City: Andorra La Vella

15. Iceland

Iceland Flag

The dream country. We are doing a road trip for 15 days & covering the entire stretch. More updates on this country shall be up in April, 2018!

What are your plans for 2018? Where are you traveling or planning to travel? Do let us know in the comment.

If you have been to any of the above countries & want to give us some tips, please do that & comment below. We would love to get some firsthand tips, tricks & warnings! J

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