Comboios de Portugal: Comfort Level MAX

Comboios de Portugal: Comfort Level MAX

Portugal Railways or Comboios de Portugal is the official state-owned train company. Our first impression of the train was average because we saw it from the outside. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a train from its exterior.

My review is based on only 1 route:

1. Faro – Lisbon

(It could have been 2 routes, but I missed my train to Madrid from Lisbon because Comboios de Portugal is too punctual)


I had a Eurail Global Pass hence I just had to make a seat reservation. I paid EUR 48 for a seat reservation while coming to Barcelona from Madrid. I paid EUR 5 for a Faro to Lisbon train ride.

So Comboios de Portugal is very cost-effective.Its tickets are cheaper than Spanish or French train companies’ seat reservations.


As I mentioned above, because of Comboios de Portugal’s punctuality, I missed my only train going from Lisbon to Madrid.

Yes, they are too punctual & you better be on time. Even a minute late might mean missing the train.


From the outside, Comboios de Portugal looks average but the real comfort is inside. Its seats were the most comfortable seats in all 9 countries’ trains.

Spacious seats, enough leg room for 4 people, dustbins on the side & still a lot more space to move around. I loved this train for its comfort.


Word of caution: Make sure you know your schedule beforehand. If you are not sure about taking the train, make sure you know which train to take next. Comboios de Portugal’s frequency is not the best.

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The train in which I travelled, did not have a restaurant coach but many long distance trains of Comboios de Portugal include the restaurant coach.

Toilets are towards the both ends of the coach. I’d have loved it even more if they offered WiFi . 😛

Luggage Space

A very important point for Indian travelers, right? Don’t worry, Comboios de Portugal trains are very spacious for your luggage as well. There are luggage sections on both sides of the coach & the overhead luggage space is also good.

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Picture Credits: Lisbon South Bay

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