Ceske Drahy: The All-rounder Railway of Czech Republic

Ceske Drahy: The All-rounder Railway of Czech Republic

Ceske Drahy is also known as Czech Railways. It’s the main railway of Czech Republic. I used Ceske Drahy’s Railway card extensively during my 2 weeks’ stay in Czech Republic.

My review is based on 6 following routes:

  1. Prague – Karlovy Vary – Prague
  2. Prague – Litomysl – Prague
  3. Prague – Telc
  4. Cesky Krumlov – Prague
  5. Prague – Bratislava
  6. Bratislava – Budapest


The best part about Ceske Drahy’s 2 weeks’ railway pass was its price. It costed me only KC 1190 (Rs. 3600). In this, I took 4 domestic & 2 international journeys. Totally worth it, right?

Also, if you are not buying the rail pass, their single & return tickets are equally affordable. But I’d still recommend you to buy the pass.


Okay, here comes the good part (and also the bad part). Most of Ceske Drahy’s trains are very punctual. Very close to Swiss precision. I actually missed 3 trains in this process because in India, 5 mins late is considered on time.

Better part is that you can request the conductor, who’s always outside the coach on the station, to wait for some time (buying time for your friends to reach the platform) & she/he will actually wait.

Ceske Drahy is very punctual, so do not be late for any of your trains.

The only bad thing about Ceske Drahy is that the allocation of platforms happen only 5-7 minutes before the train arrives. It’s very uncomfortable for senior citizens, people with kids & people with a lot of luggage.


There are different types of trains on Ceske Drahy & they differ in terms of comfort. The most comfortable trains are inter-city trains which run between Prague & Brno. Generous leg space, reclinable seats & noiseless atmosphere – they were in 2nd class compartments (Just imagine the first class!)

Some trains have cabins of 3 seats, 4 seats & 6 seats. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, these cabins will be very uncomfortable. Choose individual seats in that case.


The frequency of Ceske Drahy depends on your ‘from’ & ‘to’ locations. Most of the destinations have trains between them every 2 hours. If you have to change trains to reach your destination, make sure to double check its frequency. The staff at all train stations are very helpful & will provide the time-table.

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Most of the trains of Ceske Drahy will have plugs. Use it to charge your gadgets. In some of the trains, you will find a restaurant (they usually have a better view than the compartment). Toilets are really clean & hygienic. Some of the trains will have magazines but bring your entertainment.

Luggage Space

I really didn’t like this specific aspect in Ceske Drahy. Luggage space in its coaches are not really much. If you are traveling with a lot of luggage and/or with a group of friends, you are going to have a tough time finding space for it.

Overhead luggage space is good though.

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