Camp Telc: Picnic Place With A View

Camp Telc: Party Place With A View

Camp Telc is a pretty place located just around the lake. Telč is a small beautiful town in Czech Republic.


Camp Telc is located about 1 km away from the city center of Telč. It takes about 10 minutes from the hostel to reach the old city center. The camp, however, is located in a serene & beautiful area. There is a lake nearby where you can swim, there are facilities like children’s area, barbecue corner & swings.

If you have more luggage, get a taxi from Train station (or bus station) of Telč. It will cost you around 50 CZK for the entire ride.


Camp Telc is a small property with some 8-10 rooms. Their lake-side restaurant & grill is very famous with locals, hence the staff is always at the restaurant. Most of them do not speak very fluent English but the owner does. Since the staff is always busy in the restaurant, they hardly have any time to help you. They behave nicely but not always.

Sleep Quality

This is the bad part. The rooms are so small that one might feel claustrophobic. 4-bed rooms are so small that 4 people can’t even keep their luggage properly. Beds are good but your sleep might suffer because of the lack of space.

Also, there are no attached bathrooms or toilets to the room. You need to walk for 5 minutes to reach there.

Kitchen Facility

There is no kitchen for visitors. They can help you with boiling water, spoons & forks but that’s about it. You must order in their restaurant if you want to eat something. If you are a vegetarian, you don’t have an option but to walk 1 km, reach the center & find something to eat there.

Camp Telc restaurant serves grilled fish & vegetables only. Lack of kitchen in this property was truly disappointing.

Other Amenities

This is not like a traditional hostel. It’s more of a camping site with some cottages & a restaurant. Toilets & bathrooms aren’t clean. Toilets do not have locks (which is so stupid). If you want to bath with hot water, you need to pay 10 CZK for 5 minutes (which is again absurd). They have an inside sitting of restaurant where you can sit, socialist or simply work.


No doubt Camp Telc is the cheapest accommodation in Telč, but its lack of facilities is cringeworthy. If you are going there just for 1 night, it’ll be an amazing experience because of the surroundings.

Picture Credits: Parichay Mehta

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