Bucketlist: Solo Trip in Pondicherry!

Pondicherry- French India

Almost every second person I now have headed to Pondicherry in the last 6 months. Friends, acquaintances and even distant relatives visiting this French Indian colony and couldn’t stop gushing about it’s beauty!

I’m jealous? Yes, ‘cuz I’ve planned Pondicherry since August’15.

I’m still waiting to go there for the perfect Indian solo trip!

Pondicherry brings back the poignance of French India. The quaint little cafes, the gorgeous wall painted streets, the beautiful beaches and the mix of French and Indian culture truly makes this an exquisite getaway destination.

A 4Days Trip to Pondicherry would be just the perfect plan!

Here’s listing a few factors that makes it sound like a perfect trip to me!

For starters, pick yourself in a colorful hostel/guesthouses in Pondicherry like Aadhar Guest House, Patricia Guest Home, etc. The vibrant colors and the arty decor along with the company of fellow travelers will instantly rejuvenate your mood.

Rent a bicycle.

Don’t take a motor vehicle, instead cycle through the colorful lanes of Pondicherry on a bright sunny morning. Head straight to a quaint French Cafe in the French Town of the city. Nothing beats the joy of a traditional breakfast, flavored tastefully to perfection.

You can also try the typical Filter Kaapi that originated from Madrasa (now Chennai) and feed bananas to the elephants near the local temples.

Pondy is best explored on foot/while cycling. Interacting with the locals in Tamil, French and English only adds to the experience.

The beauty of Pondicherry is that walking by yourself in the vibrant colored lanes and by the breeze beach in the city have a similar impact. Extremely refreshing!

For the rest, head to the Auroville Ashram! The simplicity and joy of being there is simply uncomprehendable! Walk on the Auroville beach watching the sunset.


Pondicherry is probably the solo trip you’ve waited too long for. (Yes, I’m still waiting). But it’s also where you are sure to find yourself!

Before heading back, don’t forget to buy yourself some little souvenir as a memoir from the trip. Mostly, these are shelled jewelry. Should look good 😉

PS. Pondicherry is one of the safest locations in India for solo female travelers.

Also, low on budget and full of many friendly people.

Go with a free mind to explore the local life!

If you can’t find company, tell me! Let’s go together.



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