Bucketlist: My Rajasthan!


You may travel the same place, over and over again. But your experience will differ each time. The beauty of travel is such that you will never know until you experience. The rest are mere pictures and visuals.

The latest campaign by the Rajasthan State Tourism Board triggers this very aspect to promote state tourism.

Rajasthan finds a special spot in every travel lovers bucket list.

And why not?

It’s a land of art, culture, traditions, colors, royalties, folklore and lot of life. Everything from the landscape, the architecture, the food, the people and their dialect and the culture of Rajasthan stands out with much color and positivity. It’s representative of energy, life and color and so much more!

A visit to this vibrant state is never like the previous one, simply because there is so much to explore. The camels, the bandhani dupattas, the folk music and the dal baati churma are sure to call you back to this land of rich heritage.

Not to miss out, the heritage hotels, the beautiful palaces that continue to stand strong even in this day and age and the heap loads of tradition that is woven in the very fabric of the Rajasthani culture! It’s truly what we can call the state of pride and beauty.

To be honest, you can never have enough of Rajasthan!

And this campaign is exactly what revokes my love for the place!

Rajasthan Tourism

I totally love how the campaign depicts the unique experience and findings of each traveller. Some very interesting and widely popular aspects found in Rajasthan have been taken well into consideration and executed even more efficiently.

If these videos don’t make you want to take a trip to Rajasthan, I wonder what will?

Book your tickets to Rajasthan right away!

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