Bucketlist: Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

Just read about this uber cool place in Kenya that let’s you dine with Girrafes!

Oh yes!!! You read that right. Just see these pictures.

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This is Giraffe Manor. Situated about 10kms outside the Nairobi city center in Kenya. Giraffe Manor is set in the center of a Giraffe Sanctuary. A group of rare Rothschild Giraffe is found here. There is also a Giraffe Center that looks after the breeding and protection of these species.

These Giraffes set out looking for food about twice a day and often land up at the Giraffe Manor. The Manor is run by the Safari Collection and offers stay options as well. With luxurious suites for your stay and some fine wine, drinks and meal covered it could be one hell of a stay at this exotic Kenyan resort!

For all that’s worth, you wouldn’t find another experience with a luxury stay and a friendly giraffe neighborhood for your company!

The Manor offers an array of experiences to promise you a memorable experience. It includes various tours around the Giraffe Sanctuary, lots of good food, friendly giraffes around and a well-trained staff to help you around with your needs and requirements.

You can actually have the Giraffes for company as you dine in the Manor. Many Giraffes who come in search of food are used to get getting fed by the friendly visitors at the Manor.

Mind you, these animals are friendly and cause absolutely no harm to you or your family. Feel free to reach out to them. They could gratify you with some affection as well <3

This is definitely one of the most special experiences that are a must-have in your lifetime! If the idea doesn’t appeal much to you, then the pictures are enough to convince.

Giraffe Manor: #OnMyBucketlist

I so look forward to experiencing this delight at least once in my lifetime! What about you? Wouldn’t you like to experience the same?

Check their site for details of the Giraffe Manor.

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