Bucketlist: Bintan over Bali

As far as the list of all things and places beautiful in this world is concerned, I know it’s unlike to be summed up easily. But some places are simply breathtaking! While helping a friend plan a trip to South East Asia, I stumbled upon this pretty little place that is so full of all things amazing and yet not very popularly explored! It’s called the Bintan Island or Negeri Segantang Lada in the Straight of Mallaca. It’s located in the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. It is also extremely close to Singapore, approx. 45minutes ferry ride away, and I repeat that it is extremely beautiful!

You can see the pictures if you don’t believe me! (I found ‘em over the Internet)


See I told you! 😉

My research also tells me that Bintan is an excellent spot for eco-tourism full of some of the most exotic species of aquatic and wildlife.

There’s also a list of popular tourist attractions to checkout when you’re in some mood for exploration, which include:

Penyengat, Tanjung Pinang city, Raja Ali Haji Monument, the Colonial Graveyard, Chinese Pagodas, Banyan Tree Temple, and its many beaches and resorts.

Coming to the beach resorts, it’s the Bintan Beach Resorts occupy a massive 23000 hectares of area at this exotic destination. Along with the high standard luxury stays, there are a variety of adventure sports like surfing, kayaking, ATV biking, Banana boat ride, Kite Riding and the list goes on. Golf is a major obsession here! And then there are also the many spas and luxury retreat options that will make this perfect break for you.

Also, don’t forget to check out the floating village that gives you the real taste of life of people in Riau Archipelago.


Here’s a glimpse of the Bintan Resort life to tempt you further!



*Drooling over the idea of a romantic sunset dinner*

Ladies, if you’re planning a solo trip or little getaway with your friends you have just found a spot that let’s you chill and also let’s you quickly breakaway for a retail therapy to Singapore. Also perfect for the family!

Like always, I will do my job of reminding you guys to research well before you book; safe travels are happy stories! Go local, try the authentic food options and find your peace in the pagodas and let your worries astray on the gorgeous beaches!

Remember to forget Bali and go Bintan on your next trip to Indonesia/Singapore!

I’m hoping to strike this off my bucket list soon, tell me when you do too!





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