Awara Diaries goes Europe! #AwaraDiaries

Awara Diaries in Europe

It’s been over a week since we set out for our 48-day trip to 9 countries. Yes, that’s truly defining Awara! And my daily posts here on will define Awara Diaries *wink wink*

We’re still in Czech Republic. And after having explored Karlovy Vary and Litomysl we’re leaving from Telc today for Cesky Krumlov. Never heard much of these places? Well, these are Czech towns situated about 3hours away from the city of Prague. (Yes, the one place that everyone goes to)

So here’s what I am going to do!

I am going to be regular and post some daily quirks from my travels right here! What will these quirks be? Not the formal stuff. It’ll be gossip and perspective about new people, place and experiences! There’ll also be recaps of the last 8days 🙂

Don’t worry about the reviews and itineraries, and recommended things to do! You’ll find them on the blog too! We’re going to explore some really cool and dreamy places. And from what I can tell you already, this trip promises to be a lot of fun thanks to the crazy travel experiences, meeting new people, budget crunches and group tiffs! (Oh yes, there’s going to be a scoop of all of it!)

#AwaraDiaries In Europe

So stay tuned, and feel free to tell us what you’d like to know from our trip!

Stay tuned not just for the reviews and gossip but also for some fun giveaways and souvenirs that we have planned. We promise to take you through this trip along with us with all the fun that we’re having! ‘Cuz honestly, a 50-day trip was definitely one happy travel goal that we’ve tried to make-work. OF COURSE IT IS CRAZY FUN (Including the cheap alcohol prizes and the crazy currency conversions)
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