Anker Apartment: Cheapest & the Best Hostel of Oslo

Anker Apartment: Cheapest & the Best Hostel of Oslo

I usually divide my reviews in 5 sections. Location is important because when you’re in a new city & want to explore it within a specific time, having a hostel in a central area is helpful. Another important thing is the kind of people operating the place. If they are helpful, your experience will be nice but if they’re rude conside a stressful stay. Kitchen facility is important if you’re on a budget & planning to make your own meals. If the hostel has shared toilets, its availability & the cleanliness really matter a lot. And finally, the sleep quality matters. It doesn’t matter how much money do you spend on staying, the only thing that matters after a crazy day is a sound, peaceful sleep.


Anker Apartment is one of the cheapest & the best accommodation in the expensive Oslo. It is approximately 10 minutes away from the centre but easily accessible by Bus No. 30. The location is quite, pleasant & there’s a supermarket in the hostel itself.


Staff at the reception is very helpful. They try to help as much as they can with queries. They gave me a lot of tips to explore Oslo. They also take care of your kitchen utensils, bedding material & drinks (There is a cute little bar near the reception itself)

Sleep Quality

I stayed in a dorm of 16 people. Most of the beds were occupied yet there was a level of privacy. There were no unnecessary noises in the dorm. Beds are really comfortable & cozy. You need to bring your own bed sheet & pillow covers though. If you don’t have it, you can hire it from the reception at a very nominal cost.

Kitchen Facilities

At any hostel, kitchen is the most important part if you’re on budget. Kitchen of Anker Apartment is spacious, clean & nicely organized. They take a refundable deposit of NOK 100 for using utensils. You can use it, bring them back clean and dry & get your money back. Because of this facility, their utensils are really neat & hygienic. If you are missing some ingredients, you can head to Joker’s supermarket. They have everything you’ll ever need in kitchen. It stays open till midnight.

Other Amenities

Toilet & bath facilities are really nice. There are lots of toilets & bathrooms. You’ll hardly have to stand in line. Other than that, they have pinball machines, lots of room to just sit around in the lobby & chill. Their Wi-Fi is damn fast & always up.


Anker Apartment is the cheapest place I could find in Oslo. It’s totally worth the price. Kitchen is amazing & people are really helpful.

Tip: They also sell Oslo Travel Cards from the reception.

Picture Credits: VisitNorway

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