Anka’s Apartment: Cozy Stay Near Dubrovnik

Anka's Apartment: Cozy Stay Near Dubrovnik

My friends and I chose to stay at Anka’s Airbnb apartment for 2 nights in Dubrovnik and she graciously agreed. Her apartment is approximately 20-25 minutes away from Old Town Dubrovnik but the view and the arrangements from her apartment make those extra minutes of travel worthwhile.

Anka’s Apartment


Anka’s apartment is far from city center but that should not be a problem. Just 2 minutes of walking & you shall be at the bus stop. The frequency of buses is consistently good even during the night hours. Location is far, yet convenient. It is possible to find Anka’s Apartment from the bus stop with Google Maps as well.


Anka welcomed us with a smile & showed us the entire apartment first. She gave us the WiFi password, some ideas on how to explore Dubrovnik etc. She also showed us all amenities that we could use in her apartment. She’s always ready to help & that’s what we loved about her the most.

Sleep Quality:

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Bed in the bedroom is really comfortable. You can control the temperature of the room to ensure perfect sleep. The foldable bed in the living room, to our surprise, was equally comfortable. Anka provided us with bed linens, pillow covers etc as well. To get a view before sleeping, make sure you sleep on the foldable bed.

Kitchen Facility:

Anka's Apartment: Cozy Stay Near Dubrovnik 2

Kitchen at Anka’s apartment is good. It’s a little small in size but you will find everything you’ll probably need to cook. She kept salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, tea, coffee etc. for us. They were really handy & we are really thankful for that to Anka. The kitchen contained a fridge, dishwasher, microwave & a water kettle. Small yet perfect.

Other Amenities:

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The best part about Anka’s apartment is definitely the view that you get from the balcony. The WiFi was really fast. They also have a parking facility. Bathroom was clean & stocked with shampoos & body lotions.


Our experience of staying at Anka’s Apartment was incredible & we recommend everyone to choose her apartment.

Thank you for everything, Anka!

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