Alplodge: Heaven of Interlaken West

Alplodge: Heaven of Interlaken West

Let me clear this, Alplodge was not a part of my itinerary. When I reached Interlaken, I had my booking at other place called The Lazy Falken Hotel & Backpackers. It was a pathetic hostel so I went around, found Alplodge & booked rest of my stay there. Here’s the full review –


The location of Alplodge is perfect. It is 5 min walking from the train station of Interlaken West. There are 2 supermarkets nearby. One is exactly opposite the hostel building & the other one is 2 min walking. There are many eating places around in case you don’t feel like cooking. There is a Pizzeria, McDonalds, Subway, & some other good eateries. Do visit the Pizzeria for sure.


I had interacted with many people of Alplodge’s staff during my stay & I must say that they all were very sweet & humble while talking. They were informative and helpful as well.

Sleep Quality

Amazing beds, peaceful dorms & clean toilets. This is a dream for any backpacker. If this is your dream as well, you’ll consider Alplodge to be one of the heavenly places. There is a personal luggage cabinet for each bed, a washbasin in each dorm. There are a lot of toilets which are neat. 10/10 on sleep quality

Kitchen Facilities

Alplodge provides free breakfast, free tea/coffee/juices. In case you want to cook, they have a nice kitchen facility on the top floor. But it’s not very big. If there are more guests, it can become crowded. Nonetheless, the kitchen is very clean & equipped with most utensils.

Other Amenities

Along with these nice necessasry facilities, the hostel also has a house bar, pool table & bicycle parking. Their WiFi is amazingly fast, but I was experiencing connectivity issues in my dorm. The best part about Alplodge is on the top floor. Go have breakfast in their balcony & enjoy the picture perfect view of Interlaken.


Alplodge is credible, cheap & friendly. Don’t look for other places in Interlaken West.

Picture Credits: The Hostel Website


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