A Warm Winter: 4 Top Tips for a Fun-Filled Getaway

A Warm Winter: 4 Top Tips for a Fun-Filled Getaway

If the thought of freezing temperatures and constant rainfall fills you with dread, you would likely jump at an opportunity to escape the chill and embrace some sunshine.

Rather than allowing the dull and dreary weather to take its toll on your mood, you should plan a holiday to a destination that will offer glorious sunshine from December through to March.

To enjoy a warmer winter, read these four top tips for a fun-filled getaway.

1. Research the Best Winter Destinations

The reason you are heading off on holiday this winter will be to escape the chilly temperatures and absorb some sunny weather. To ensure you are never disappointed, you should aim to find the best destination during the season.

For example, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Portugal, which offers an average temperature of 18°c throughout both autumn and winter. Plus, you can choose from a variety of superb destinations, such as:

To ensure you enjoy a holiday of a lifetime, browse the best villas in Portugal for an unforgettable winter break with your loved ones.

2. Choose the Right Day to Fly

Booking flights on the wrong day can cause unnecessary stress on what should be a relaxing getaway with your loved ones. To ensure you are not stuck in an endless security line or forced to endure frustrating flight delays, you must choose your travel days and times wisely.

For example, you must avoid travelling on peak days throughout the season, such as:

If possible, aim to fly on either a Tuesday or Wednesday during the off-season, and try to grab a morning flight to dodge delays. It will ensure you can enjoy minimal frustrations once you arrive for a flight and you will not need to contend with a busy airport, so you will have a more enjoyable travel experience.

3. Don’t Wrap Your Christmas Presents

Are you planning to enjoy a sun-soaked Christmas with your family and/or friends? Don’t make the mistake of wrapping gifts for your loved ones prior to travel. While you might not want to spend your time on holiday gift wrapping presents, it is possible security staff might make you unwrap them at an airport, which could ruin a surprise for your nearest and dearest and spoil your Christmas.

4. Always Take a Jacket with You

Regardless of whether you are travelling to a sunny spot during summer or winter, you should always take a jacket with you. Temperatures will more than likely drop at your chosen destination during the early mornings or evenings, so you might need a lightweight jacket to prevent a chill.

It is always handy to have a jacket or jumper on your person when sitting on the balcony of your villa each morning before the sun comes out, so you don’t need to spend your time indoors.

If you want to escape the chilly climate this winter and enjoy a relaxed, sunny retreat, don’t forget the above top tips for a fun-filled getaway.

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