9 Tips To Follow Before You Take A Trip Abroad

9 Tips To Follow Before You Take A Trip Abroad

A trip abroad is always very exciting! Isn’t it? But a trip abroad comes with a lot of responsibilities and preparations. So here are a few handy tips that’ll avoid any sort of chaos for you while on your international trip!

Before you take a trip abroad, get:

1. Passport

First things first, ensure you have a valid passport with 6months+ validity. That’s the key to get started and your most important ID abroad.

2. Air Tickets

Book your air tickets well in advance to get a good deal. Don’t forget to watch out for special discounts and sales. Mid-week tickets are usually cheaper!

3. Visa

The Visa process is a rather tricky process. Some embassies deal with it directly; most have VFS Global as the mediating organization. However, the time taken to obtain your visa is quite uncertain depending on the country and your documents. On rare occasions, you might get a call from the tourism ministry office for further inquiries into your trip.

Remember, a valid passport, flight bookings, hotel bookings, minimum balance (INR 1Lac) are essentials while applying for a visa. Each embassy has it’s own visa processing fees.

So well, apply well in advance. Your visa validity varies between 3-6months, but the time taken is variable.

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4. Money

A travel card and hard cash are the most reliable forms of money while travelling abroad. While conversions could be an issue, try getting either of the two- Euros/ US Dollars before you leave to get easy conversions globally!

5. Luggage Check

Travelling light is the best way to travel. However, check with your airlines on the restriction for your cabin luggage and check-in luggage. You might want to carry everything, but try keeping a good 5kg spare space! (You might want to fill it with your shopping stuff)    Fewer luggage make travel a lot easier and less hassle free everywhere.

Always lock your bag!

6. Documents & Details

Make sure you read your ticket carefully to reach the airport well in time on the right day. Follow the luggage rules and don’t forget to carry the essential documents- passports, credit card, ID proof, etc Don’t forget to keep digital copies of the same as backup.

7. Language-Guides & Reading Material

Carry enough reading material to last you. Of which, a city guide and especially a phrasebook of the resident language of the visiting country would prove to be most helpful. A few local words will gain you lots of brownie points (& freebies).

8. Get An Update

Get a fresh update on the weather predictions and local scenario in the visiting space. It’ll prep you better for your stay. Also, download necessary applications on your phone accordingly!

9. List

A list of the stuff you’re carrying, including your chargers, laptop, other gadgets and important belongings can be helpful while taking your trip abroad. Just so you can get it all back!

Tadaaa! You’re ready to get going 🙂

Happy Traveling!

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    Very useful tips you have noted down here, its always best to do a checklist as we plan a vacation! Thank you for sharing the tips Parampara! 🙂

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